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Sulfacetamide Sodium Questions

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What is Sulfacetamide Sodium Ophthalmic Solutions?

Posted 23 May 2010 by Salysa 1 answer

Sulfacetamide Sodium - Can you still use the drops if the box has expired?

Posted 2 Aug 2010 by sharena 1 answer

at least 1 year or will it still be okay to use it?

Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur - substitute for Perrigo sodium sulfacetamide and sulfur kit?

Posted 2 May 2012 by hatezits 1 answer

I loved Perrigo's bottled version of this acne medicine (it was called a kit because you could add tint) because it dried out my skin (in a good way). They switched to a lotion in a tube--same active ingredients, but makes my face oily. Not only that, but Perrigo just told me that will be ...

Sulfacetamide Sodium - does it help with a sty?

Posted 8 Dec 2009 by baldoneconob 1 answer

its in my right eye and i was wanting to no if it helps with a sty

Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur - Does this face wash contribute to darkening of the skin?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 by Jann18 1 answer

I am an African American female and have used this product (prescribed by my Dermatologist for about 4 yrs). It works, but I find that especially during the summer, my face and neck are darker than the rest of my body. I do wear a sunscreen (SPF 15 or more) but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur - Is it supposed form into a foam?

Posted 7 Aug 2009 by Sheelaf 1 answer

I got prescribed Clenia Foaming Wash, but I haven't noticed the "foaming action". It's consistency is foamless, roughly comparable to a proactiv wash. Is that normal?

Sulfacetamide Sodium - What is the physical appearance of the wash?

Posted 16 Dec 2013 by woodguy 1 answer

I just refilled my prescription. The new bottle is a clear, almost odorless liquid. My previous bottle was a yellow, sulfurous smelling liquid. Is the new bottle OK?

Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur - Where can you find Sumaxin wash for a good price? Is it a tier 2 drug?

Posted 29 Sep 2016 by gnnaal12 0 answers

It's always so expensive even with full coverage.

Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur - Has anyone received lightened spots on face from using the avar cream?

Posted 6 Jan 2017 by Jlynn05 0 answers

A few weeks ago my dermatologist prescribed me tazorac and avar cream. I have used the tazorac cream before which I really like. However, I used the avar cream for about 2 days and noticed lightened marks on my cheeks. Has anyone else had this problem? Will these stains be permant? I'm on ...

Can trifluridine be used to treat same bacterial infections as sulfacetamide sodium eye drops?

Posted 23 Jan 2018 by Dustopro 0 answers

I ran out of my trifluridine eye drops can I use sulfacetamide eye drops in replacement of the othet?

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