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Any one know if Nystatin & Triamcinolone Acetonide ( Cream ) USP is used for diaper rash?

Posted 27 Jun 2011 by CameronsMommy2010 4 answers

My son has broken out with really bad diaper rash & Desitin or corn starch is not working & I think this is what his doctor prescribe last time (months ago) but I honestly can't remember. I do know the tube looked simallar but we moved & someof our & our roomates things got ...

I take Rytary ER 36.25 MG-145 MG CAP for Parkinson's. It comes in a blue and light blue capsule...

Posted 23 May 2018 by TZERO51 1 answer

... marked IPX066 and 145. I would like to know what the capsule is made of other than blue dye. e.g. is it made of Starch, sugar, or just what?

Drug Details such as Gluten Free?

Posted 31 Jul 2017 by jammyster 0 answers

Is there a way to determine whether a drug is gluten-free, has corn starch, or potato starch as one of its ingredients? Is there way to determine whether a drug is soy-free, lactose-free, or have ingredients derived from corn? Is it true that not all companies that make a drug uses the same ...

VSL#3 - Is it possible to purchase VSL3 without the added corn starch?

Posted 29 Jul 2017 by Daneowner4 0 answers

Many of us with pets diagnosed with IBD would like to use your product or have used your product. Corn is a big trigger in the pet community and others may not tolerate pork, so looking for a non gelatin capsule or powdered product that does not contain corn starch. Can you help, or would you be ...

Pregelatinized starch???

Posted 17 Dec 2014 by groovy_licks 2 answers

What is pregelatinized starch??? Is there gelatin in it ???

Starch Pills to Gain Weight?

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by Jonesyjones 0 answers

It is said that starch foods can make you gain weight on the bottom like hips, butt, and thighs. I have taken apetamin to gain weight and about to start my second bottle and I watched some girls YouTube reviews about their experiences and a lot of them gain weight on their stomach (like a gut) but ...

Looking for Titralac, or exact equivalent. Please where can I buy it?

Posted 14 Apr 2015 by miraclechicken 1 answer

Active ingredients (in each tablet) Calcium carbonate 420 mg 168 mg elemental calcium) Simethicone 21 mg Inactive ingredients glycine, magnesium stearate, saccharin, spearmint oil, starch may also contain croscarmellose sodium

How much amount of super disintegrant can be used in formulation of 1mg entecavir tablets?

Posted 20 Oct 2014 by nagadeepthi 1 answer

super disintegrants like crospovidone and sodium starch glycolate and maximum daily dose and acceptable daily intake for the above mentioned super disintegrants in entecavir monohydrate formulation.

Do they make a plain corn starch pill which is being used for hypoglycemia?

Posted 17 Jan 2013 by papascowboy 2 answers

Esophagus removed, now have hypoglycemia. Take acarbose 50mg same results. Suggested to take 1tbs. corn starch before each meal and bedtime in a paste form (not too liquidy) is hard to mix right consistancy. Looking for a pill or other alternative to take, especially when out (not home)

What the names of drugs contain starch?

Posted 26 Oct 2011 by Ibraheem Haggag 1 answer

What are the ingredience of G 32 500 Naproxen by Glenmark?

Posted 29 Nov 2010 by tmiller375 1 answer

I have an allergic reaction to corn starch, corn, and wheat, and eggs. Does this product contain any of these ingredients?

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