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Sporanox Questions

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Sporanox - can this help remove thrush completely?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 by darlene stanford 1 answer

I have taken diflucan many times,,, after giving myself thrush , from taking red yeast rice to lower my cholesterol,,, will this medicine help get rid of my yeast from my body completely???

Sporanox - 200 am 200 pm every month I have to get the level checked what is Normal level?

Posted 8 Dec 2014 by N0rman 1 answer

Would like to know if my level is in a good range dr not helpful and doesn't share.

What is meant by pulse pack like in Sporanox pulse pack?

Posted 1 Feb 2013 by lwngu 2 answers

I am in a medical terminology class and cannot find the answer to this question anywhere.

What are the strengths available for sporanox?

Posted 30 Mar 2013 by redhead73 1 answer

Why can't I take Sporanox for more than a week?

Posted 9 Dec 2012 by jonesey10 2 answers

My doctor always gives me one Rx and tells me I can only take it for 1 week than 3 weeks off and then another week. In 1 week my nail infection almost clears up but then I have to stop taking it for no reason she has given me and wait 3 weeks until I can take another week. In 2 weeks my infection ...

Sporanox - How to get reduced price on med?

Posted 18 May 2012 by pinucha 1 answer

4 1/2 days $214 , using insurance!!

Sporanox - what is the dosage for tinea versilcolor?

Posted 12 Apr 2011 by iq860 1 answer

I was traveling and I went to see a doctor about "tinea versicolor" that I have been having for 2 years he described to me Sporanox and i left the country now i dont remember what was the dose he gave me and i cant reach him i think as i remember faintly it was one tablet every week for ...

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