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Can you take hydroxyzine for anxiety and sleep?

Will trazodone help me sleep?

What is the maximum safe dosage for melatonin?

Does Latuda make you sleepy?

Why do I get sleepy after taking Vyvanse or Adderall?

I am currently on Vyvanse 60 Mg Cap for Adult ADHD without hyperactivity. I have been on Adderall in the past. My other medications include Fluoxetine for depression and Etodolac for arthritis. My question is, why do I get sleepy after taking Vyvanse or Adderall? They are both amphetamines and... read more

Trazodone - How many hours do you sleep on trazadone?

I wanted to get some idea how many hours does trazadone make you sleep. I am considering bringing trazadone up for discussion with my doctor.

Is it safe for a 9 month old baby to take Melatonin?

I know who gives their 9 month old baby melatonin every day he sleeps almost all day long minutes the two hours he spends crying .the parents don't give him any attention at all barley changing his diaper maybe twice a day.when he is awake he looks completely lethargic and... read more

When on blood pressure meds, what herbal supplementation for sleep cause possible problems?

I take blood pressure meds (lisinopril and chlorthalidone) & I am looking to take herbals to help me sleep. Can I take Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Chamomile & L-Theanine - with my prescription I currently take with no side affects or concerns? Thanks for any help you can... read more

What to do when Ambien stops working?

I have chronic insomnia. Ambien has stopped working because I've taken it for years. It gradually lost its effectiveness and i had to double up on doses to get a few hours sleep. Then I'd run out of pills whuch was a problem. So I'd substitute with lorazapam. But that stopped working... read more

Why can't I sleep while taking TiZANidine?

I Have recently been prescribed TiZANidine for bad muscle spasms. And since starting the prescription, If I take one before bed, I can not sleep. It keeps me up all night with just a thousand thoughts running through my head. I've tried reading up on it and everything I read, everyone claims... read more

I've read increased sex drive with lamictal. Those that have experienced this, do you take it in the

... am, pm, or split dose? I take in the morning because I struggle to sleep, but increased sex drive would be nice. What dose did you start having this benefit? I'm tapering up pretty slow because it makes me grumpy for about a week or more with each increase.

Took 2 7.5mg of zopiclone for bed awake still 4 hours later so I take another 2.2 hours later not a?

When is enough enough just want to plz get some sleep.

Do most people taking Seroquel gain weight?

I was taking Seroquel last year for about 6 weeks for sleep. It worked really well for me, but I ended up gaining weight so I discontinued it. I am still having problems with sleep, so my dr prescribed Saphris, which I don't really like so far. I was thinking of going back to Seroquel. Do most... read more

Did Vraylar affect your sleep?

I took At night at first and had broken sleep. So I take in the morning and I’m not fatigued, but my sleep is still very broken, not as deep and I wake up early. Does anyone else experience this?

What is your experience with Trazodone?

Someone please tell me this is mild and safe and tolerable. This is the medication my doctor wants me to try for anxiety, depression, and sleep.

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