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Sexual Health Questions

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Sexual Health/ HPV/Gential Warts?

Posted 13 Mar 2015 by CRE96 1 answer

I was given a topical gel for my warts but can clindamycin help in any way with the warts or the hpv? And if so, can clindamycin affect my immune system? I do not want it to because having a healthy immune system is my best chance of fighting iff my hpv. Also, once the warts are gone and I get my ...

What can I use to increase sperm volume?

Posted 30 Oct 2012 by md11plus 1 answer

very little comes out

Is sex safe for a person who has enlarged prostate?

Posted 22 Aug 2013 by pakistanibybirth 1 answer

it is heard that it is harmful? please clearify thanks

I need some help on trusting my birth control?

Posted 27 Feb 2014 by Lizcarmen50 1 answer

I'm 19 and in college and I've been on birth control for almost a year now, but have only been sexually active for about a month. I am having the hardest time trusting my birth control and it is ruining the experience for both me and my boyfriend. On top of the birth control, I also make ...

Coughing up the pill?

Posted 18 Feb 2016 by n0non0 1 answer

I have a question about sickness (cold and flu) and the pill. I took it at the same time as I usually do (8PM, on the dot) and I coughed a bit of phlegm about 12 minutes after taking it. As gross as it may sound, it wasn't a lot of phlegm and by impulse I just swallowed it back (gross, I ...

Can I take my pill early on pill free week?

Posted 24 Jan 2018 by 149336 1 answer

I can’t seem to find a decent answer to this... Basically I suffer from endometriosis which makes my periods extremely painful. With my pill I start my period on a Monday which means I take time off work cause I’m in agony. I want to know if I can start my new pill pack 2 days early ...

I am 76 and take Cialis every night. Is this advisable?

Posted 30 Jun 2017 by marriedman 0 answers

It helps my erection last longer and my wife says she is very happy with it.

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