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Septum Questions

We found 8 questions associated with the 'Septum' topic.

Why are the inside of my nostrils different?

Posted 20 May 2017 by Mika97 2 answers

The other day I had a booger I couldn't blow out of my nose so I looked inside my nose with a magnify mirror and phone light. I found that the inside of my left nostril the cartilage is sticking out. Inside my right nostril it caves in matching the left sides bump. I got hit in the nose about ...

I have been using desmopressin nasal spray for 10 years. I have developed a perforated septum?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by Trudih 0 answers

Is this common? Has anyone else experienced this?

I am considering septoplasty surgery. I had a Reclast infusion last fall. Will that interfere?

Posted 28 Jan 2015 by maryannhg 1 answer

I know dental procedures can be a problem after this infusion. Should I be concerned about having my deviated septum surgically corrected?

I had septum surgery. I was told it would not be externally noticeable yet I look like miss piggy!?

Posted 2 Mar 2015 by Jewel723 1 answer

Is this normal? Or just a result of the packing and splints?

Can sinusitis be the cause of my headaches?

Posted 26 Dec 2014 3 answers

I have chronic sinusitis as well as a deviated septum in my right nostril. I've suffered from sinus headaches for a long time. I have the pain in my pressure in my forehead, brow, and just underneath my eye as well as the bridge of my nose. They come and go with the season but this past week ...

How can I tell if my nose is broken?

Posted 22 May 2014 by OliviaGold 1 answer

I fell and it hurts.

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