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Scrotum Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Scrotum' topic.

Ciprofloxacin or Augmentin?

Posted 21 Feb 2018 by paulsmith121 0 answers

Hi I'm 26 years old male, I have pain in my left testicular. my scrotum ultrasound report is in which noticed mild varicocele noticed and Epididymal swallow? which antibiotic is best Ciprofloxacin or Augmentin.

Bruised penis can't get erect?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by d5599 1 answer

So I had a bad accident a little under a month ago now. Was throwing an american football around a car park and as I jumped to catch it, I landed on a bollard. It obviously hurt a lot and the underside of my penis and scrotum were bruised for a few weeks. Now I'd say they are 99% healed with ...

What is it that I have?

Posted 14 Sep 2017 by HumbleValor 0 answers

Hello, I've been having an itching/irritating sensation around my genital area (inner thigh, around the scrotum). It's also red in the area and is sensitive when I touch it. I'm sexually active but I've been wearing protection so I don't think it can be that but I'm ...

Scrotum and testicle red itchy and sweaty hot?

Posted 17 Nov 2016 0 answers

Accidentally put Amlactin onmy testicles for a few weeks. Wow did it hurt and also make my testicles and scrotum always hot and sweaty. Became very itchy and red from scratching them. I am going to try gold bond any other ideas??? Do you think any damage could happen? My semen amount is much ...

Complications from surgery after 2 years?

Posted 18 Oct 2016 by HeatherTheRabbit 1 answer

So, my boyfriend had emergency surgery 2 years ago to remove his testicle. They cut in through the lower abdomen, as well as the scrotum. Ever since then, he had had a lot of pain where they cut into his abdomen. He discries it as feeling like a pocket of air is in there, especially when pressure ...

My husband has really wrinkled and plastic feeling scrotum and penis shaft. I need help!?

Posted 23 Sep 2015 by BrandonSorrentino 2 answers

He says that it happened right after we had sex and that he thinks I cheated and got some sort of std from cheating on him when I didn't. I don't see any stds with symptoms that match. He normally has very soft and smooth skin but as of yesterday it is very plastic feeling and very ...

Please answer this as I have hypochondriac and I can't sleep without knowing what I have?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by Batuhan 2 answers

So i have had a hernia surgery before and everything went fine but now (3 years later) after waking up i had pain in my scrotum area and when i checked i had a little ball that can be moved around in the left side of the scrotum but i just have a bit of pain there and nothing else anywhere else.

Did anyone else get a sideaffect of cellulitis when taking depakote?

Posted 12 Aug 2016 by earnest66 1 answer

After taking depakote my scrotum enlarged and doctors said its from depakote

Has anyone had experience useing Zoloft or any other drug for a red prickly scrotum?

Posted 13 Sep 2016 by Buslawprof 0 answers

I do not have jock itch or any other fungus, virus . Have had biopsy and 3 cultures. The feeling is like neuropathy .

I've been given Biofreeze to use for Sciatica. Great relief for my back and knee, but I've had a?

Posted 30 Dec 2015 by tommyd41 1 answer

... problem when I apply it to my hip. My scrotum came in contact with it on the inner side of my hip area and I got a burning sensation, making it necessary to wash off the area. Is this a normal reaction on certain skin areas?

Sebaceous cyst removal?

Posted 10 Dec 2015 by DDD23 1 answer

What type of Doctor would I see about removing secaceous cysts from my scrotum?

Temporary Swelling on Scrotum?

Posted 9 Aug 2015 by JohnDam11 1 answer

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch watching TV. My scrotum began to feel extremely itchy, so i scratched it, pretty hard, with my nails in a rake like motion. My finger nails are pretty long btw so it probably irritated the scrotum a bit. Anyway, next thing I know I have what I can best describe ...

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