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Are there any natural vitamins that can help with Fibromyalgia?

Posted 12 Oct 2009 by efclemenson 31 answers

I just started taking Savella 3 days ago and I had side effects from this. The side effects were headaches, nausea feeling, swelling of the tongue, tingling of the lips, insomnia, restless feeling and some constipation. I called my doctor and he had me to stop. I suffer also from severe migraines ...

Is it safe to take tramadol long term? I am told it is non-narcotic is that true?

Posted 29 Jun 2010 by susanaldridge 7 answers

It really helps with break-thru pain that I experience with fibromialgia cause no other pain medicines help. For 3 months now I take Savella for fibromialgia and it is helping my discomfort.

Anyone out there have fibromyalgia that has made them quit their jobs?

Posted 27 Dec 2009 by missy2 20 answers

To stay home and manage the pain.I'm a female 55 and i've been home for a year. It's like if i rest for 2 days i 'm good for 1day , i'm on 200 mg of lyrica, 50 mg of savella, 2 davocet n 100 a day (that's all my dr will give me) and other meds for panic & ...

Savella vs. Cymbalta?

Posted 30 Jul 2011 by peacegirl94 12 answers

I have been taking Cymbalta for 2 months now. It worked great at first but just suddenly stopped. I have been missing work ALOT. I am a singe mom struggling to get by and realizing that obviously... Cymbalta is not for me. I take 120 mg a day. I have tried Lyrica, Neurotin, and Amitriptyline with ...

Just starting Savella--anyone using it & how are you feeling? hibiscus57?

Posted 6 Aug 2010 by hibiscus57 14 answers

I have fibromyalgia, restless legs, depression, chronic fatique, & others. My doctor is taking me off of Cymbalta & going to Savella --using the starter kit. Anyone using it??? Results???

Fibromyalgia - Depression Medications?

Posted 3 Apr 2010 by mfpdfibro 13 answers

Has anyone had no help at all and in fact additional side effects, or problems due to taking Effexor/Cymbalta or Savella? Is Sevalla the same thing as Effexor/Cymbalta?

What would cause severe pain and swelling in arms and hands?

Posted 21 May 2012 by beauverre 5 answers

I have had numerous spinal surgeries and have a morphine pump implant that also dispenses baclavin.I also take hydromorphone for pain,tizanadine as muscle relaxer and for the past 4 wks savella for fibromyalgia.It started months ago with severe swelling in ankles and legs and in the past week the ...

Anyone having sleep problems with Savella?

Posted 18 Nov 2009 by flutefemme 10 answers

I am on my fifth week taking Savella and I am finding it increasingly hard to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this? I fall asleep fine, but can't seem to stay asleep - waking up all night long (not sleep apnea - I have been tested for that). Thanks for your help!

Starting day 5 on Savella for fibromyalgia with great pain relief but crazy sweating side effect?

Posted 28 Oct 2011 by Mamamimi 11 answers

I am so far so pleased with the results from starting Savella for my fibromyalgia! I was exhausted days 1 and 2, but woke up day 3 with no pain! I couldn't believe it! However, I also started experiencing hot flashes through the day with hyperhidrosis. I was sweating so badly that my hair was ...

Has anyone tried all three of Cymbalta, Lyrica and Savella?

Posted 6 Jan 2016 by lizardlace 8 answers

Cymbalta caused me to have extreme fatigue and insomnia but i lost two stone and had dry mouth and yawning which isnt terrible side effects Lyrica helps me sleep has improved my fatigue but has increased my pain, caused nausea, upset stomach, major headaches, ataxia and a wide range of other side ...

Headache - Has anyone found Savella to help their migraines?

Posted 10 Nov 2011 by sara12345 7 answers

I also have fibromyalgia. FDA approved Savella for that, but it has the same ingredients as anti-depressants which are known pain killers. Still I wonder if Savella is particularly good for migraines

Is it ok to take prescription drugs & vitamins all at once or should they be spaced over the day?

Posted 7 May 2011 by pbryant358 1 answer

The prescription drugs I am presently taking are: Tamoxifen (20 mg/day), Effexor (75/day), Savella (50 mg-2x/day), and Vitamin D (50,000 iu/week). The vitamins are: Multivitamin (1x/day), Calcium with Vitamin D (600 mg-500 iu/1x/day), Vitamin E (400 iu-1x/day), Vitamin C with Rose Hips (500 ...

To my Fibromyalgia friends, I am going to my doctor today and am wondering about changing meds. I?

Posted 27 Oct 2011 by Jillynnie 8 answers

... am on Cymbalta and Amitriptyline but this past month I have been in pretty bad pain in my knees, hands, ankles and elbows. Do any of you use Savella (sp?) or Lyrica, and how do you like it? Side effects? I appreciate your input. Best, ~Jillynnie

Suboxone/Subutex reactions...anybody?

Posted 17 Dec 2011 by Jillynnie 7 answers

I am curious to know if anyone has ever had a reaction to subs that is similar to what I am having. It feels like (to me) that the subs are building up in my system and causing some symptoms that are similar to RA and Fibro. I was wondering if it is, in fact, my disease, or could it be the ...

Any info on Milnacipran (generic) for Savella?

Posted 29 Dec 2011 4 answers

I have been using Savella samples that my PA gave me, a few months worth. I don't have insurance and am starting to panic alittle about sustaining myself on them as they do wonders for my fibro pain. I would be a vegetable at 61 without them. I tried searching to see if milnacipran is actually ...

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