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Safe Sex Questions

We found 11 questions associated with the 'Safe Sex' topic.

Had protected sex during ovulation - risk of pregnancy?

Posted 11 Sep 2015 by Andrew 123456 2 answers

Me and my girlfriend always practice safe sex. However the other day she was well in her mood and I have to admit I was to. However I knew that she was on her fertile period. And because she's not on the pill because it in my own country it's still a taboo I insisted that we took extra ...

Diane 35 Inactive Pill- Safe sex?

Posted 7 Jan 2016 by Becca-babe 1 answer

Im on Diane 35, oral contraseptive. Ive been on it for about 3 months. It's all been going well and ive been taking everything in order. The only thing i need clarification on is the inactive pills. This may seem like a dumb question but is it safe to have sex on the inactive pills? If not ...

Buspirone - Buspiron and the big O?

Posted 3 Dec 2015 by Beatrixkiddo 1 answer

I love my sex life. I would rather be crazy than have my sex life interrupted. (I use safe sex and have only 1 partner for many years now). I have a lot of anxiety and apparently my Dr thinks this will help with little to no effects on me reaching The big O. I took Celixa for about a month and a ...

Took an i-pill , missed periods and its almost one and a half month but didnt have periods?

Posted 9 Jun 2016 by wehadsex 1 answer

We Had safe sex on 3rd may which was 4 days after her period.She took an ipill(cipla) which is Levonorgestrel 1.5 mcg within 4 hours to be sure. After about 6 days, she got little spotting. its been 10th of june and she didnt get her periods yet. Could she be pregnant?

To All Ladies Who Has Taken Cryselle For More That 2 Years?

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by Aurora74 1 answer

Well I'm at a point where my partner and plan to be intimate with each other but he is diagnosed with a life complication known as Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS) he says he can't reproduce but I took the time to call the main group to hear what they have to say and told me to be safe no ...

Having safe sex and taking the after pill can u still get pregnaut?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by Bingo2015 1 answer

I did it for the first time nd we used a condom but he didnt go all the way in nd i took the after pill just in case about 46 hours after we had sex but before i did it i was cramping nd i knew i was about to start any of these days after i took the pill my cramps went away but should i be worried ...

Safe sex, no cum, pregnant?

Posted 6 Oct 2015 by Fitgal3 0 answers

I had safe sex two weeks ago with a guy and he said he didn't cum. I'm on my second month of using the mini pill and noticed my period was very strange the following week. It was very light and then 5 days in to it it became very heavy for 2 days and then went away. Could I be over ...

Missed a few birthcontrol pills and don't know what to do..?

Posted 26 Jan 2016 by MediterraneanBliss 0 answers

I haven't been very good at taking my birth control this month (I'm usually very diligent about it, but I messed up this month). I have a Sunday start and took the entire first week of pills. I missed Thursday of the second week, and Sunday and Tuesday of the third week. I then started ...

Can you get pregnant after six days of receiving nexplanon?

Posted 19 Jun 2016 by Sarah Silverman 0 answers

I got nexplanon on a Tuesday and I was planning to have sex with my boyfriend on Monday night do you think it's absolutely necessary to wait the full 7 days or is it just for precaution? I have heard of girls asking after having sex 2 and 5 days after they received nexplanon but never really ...

Can I be pregnant? Need answer please?

Posted 16 Apr 2018 by Worriedteen19 0 answers

I had safe sex March 19 . Me and my boyfriend used a condom when he was pulling out the condom slip off his penis he pulled it out of me . He told me that we were good no rips or anything to worried about the condom. I took the plan b just in case the same day but 6 hours later and a week later I ...

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