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Rocephin Questions


We found 40 questions associated with the 'Rocephin' topic.

Can Rocephin be used for herpes outbreak?

Posted 17 Oct 2016 by Benastic 1 answer

Can you use rocephin to treat tooth infection?

Posted 10 Oct 2016 by Sbibbs 0 answers

Can rocephin help with an abscess in the tooth?

Why would someone's arm swell while they are receiving IV Rocephin with a PICC line?

Posted 20 Sep 2016 by BlueFairy19 1 answer

He has been receiving this for about 4 weeks now, & this just happened yesterday

Rocephin - how long should wait take amoxicillin?

Posted 23 Feb 2016 by vonchi 1 answer

I got a shot of Rocephin 1 gm today almost 5 hours ago for Strep throat. Should I wait until tomorrow to start Amoxicillin 3 times daily?

My 15 yo son was diagnosed with Pneumonia yesterday. Anyone have input on 2 IM sites, 1 syringe?

Posted 1 Dec 2015 by Melt1968 1 answer

I took him back to the ER last night related to increased, uncontrolled coughing and severe chest pain. The PA ordered 1 Gm Rocephin IM. I was concerned due to the fact my older son's fiance was given Rocephin IM last week, at the same ER, and developed a severe infection at the injection site ...

My husband received the rocephin shot and he has severe infection in his mouth due to a mouth o?

Posted 7 Nov 2015 by Turpentine 1 answer

They charged 114.00 for shot . Why is it so much money. No insurance and we told them. The shot help but we are poor.Why did they charge so much?

Can rocephine be used for seven weeks infant?

Posted 31 Jul 2015 by Prazi 1 answer

Rocephin -for bladder?

Posted 18 May 2015 by Alt-k 1 answer

I had Rocephin for bladder infection it's starting to go away but then came back with a vengeance it has worked in the past why isn't it working can you get it second shot ?

Penicillin and rocephin interact?

Posted 30 Dec 2014 by Peanut 24 1 answer

Allergic to penicillin. Is rocephin OK to take

Rocephin - My 2 yr old son has had 103.6+ for 7 days with pnemonia and mono?

Posted 27 Dec 2014 by bergengolfer 2 answers

and a double ear infection. He has been on every antibiotic under the sun for the past few months, including an inhaler for when he loses his breath. He probably got all of this from his daycare since neither my wife or I have come down with anything. All of us had gotten the flu shot a few months ...

If I am allergic to penicillin but can take rocephin and Keflex can I take omnicef?

Posted 10 Feb 2014 by dables7601 2 answers

I have an abcessed tooth and need some relief can I take the omnicef to help with the infection and pain

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