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I have been taking revlimid 10mg 11 days and I just started feeling bad in my stomach/intestinal?

... area. Can anyone tell me if this is a side affect to the drug. Any info would be appreciated. I am also experiencing trouble going to the toilet, feeling the need but not much is happening.

Posted 27 May 2016 0 answers

Why is dr. Prescribing Revlimid if Velcade has less side effects and works better?

I was just diagnosed with multiple myeloma and dr. Has prescribed Revlimid with Dexamethasone , but from what I read that combo can have horrible side effects, but people seem to get better results ...

Posted 27 Oct 2015 4 answers

Is revlimid and dexamethasone a cure for multimyeloma?

Was on velcade/revlimid/dex. I had neuropathy in both feet which got much more painful and got numbness in fingertips during treatment. I was taken off velcade.iI had a stemcell transplant 3/9/2015. ...

Posted 10 Nov 2015 0 answers

My fiancé has multiple myeloma and started revlimid today. How soon will will his pain start to?

... decrease after starting the revlimid? He has been so sick and in so much pain!

Posted 3 Feb 2015 1 answer

Acute Myeloid Leukemia - Multiple myeloma & aml?

If you develop AML subsequent to treatment for Multiple Myeloma- treatment included stem cell transplant & revlimid, does physician report this to FDA for statistical purposes? Should it be ...

Posted 6 Feb 2014 1 answer

I have been taking Revlimid for 2 weeks. Today I notice I have a rash and pinpoint on my chest and?

I have been taking Revlimid for 2 weeks. Today I notice I have a rash and pinpoint on my chest and back along with a itch. Today is Sunday and no answer from my Doctor. Should I stop taking Revlimid ...

Posted 20 Jan 2014 1 answer

Likely side effects of 25mg, 15mg versus 10mg of Revlimid?

I found the side effects of 20 mg. too severe, so I have been on 10mg for 3 cycles and about to begin Cycle 4. I haave to make a decision whether to try 15 mg for a month or stay with the 10 mg which ...

Posted 3 Jan 2014 1 answer

How much does revlimid cost?


Posted 11 Mar 2012 2 answers

Where can I find at least 252 tablets of Revlimid 15 mg ??

Lenalidomide-12 PACKS (21 TBLS/PK) = 252 TABLETS

Posted 21 Sep 2013 2 answers

Can Revlimid hurt our pets?

Posted 8 Aug 2013 2 answers


Revlimid - I am having hard time losing weight and actually gaining a little. could it be?

... subclinical hypothyroidism. any advantage in taking a very small dose of thyroid replacement. TSH is normal

Posted 22 Jun 2013 1 answer

Multiple Myeloma - does this sound familiar to anyone?

had a stem cell transplant 10 years ago relapes 2 and half years ago... treated with revlimid 1 year ago had big leision in my leg switched treatment to valcade. No sign of cancer they are thinking ...

Posted 13 May 2013 1 answer

Is is okay to drink a couple of beers occassionally while using Revlimid for maintenance for MM?

I just started Revlimid last week and had taken Velcade for 15 months prior without drinking anything alcoholic/ I am taking 10mg of Revlimid. I asked my doctor today and he suggested I ask Cellgene ...

Posted 14 Jun 2012 5 answers

How do I get my doctor to put me on revlimid?

Because of one negative red and white blood cell count, my doctor took me off revlimid. I feel he should allow it one more try, but he refuses to. How do I get him to give it one more try?

Posted 22 Apr 2013 2 answers

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