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Does anyone know a remedy for severe upset stomach caused by trazodone?

Posted 23 Apr 2014 by Mmk2017 5 answers

Last night I took my trazodone before bed as usual but I think I didn't eat enough or something because I woke up two hours later with insanely bad nausea and diarrhea. The diarrhea is gone but I'm so queasy that when I'm in bed and I move-my stomach feels super uneasy. Does anyone ...

Vaginal Yeast Infection - What if if am resistant to any drug such as fluconazole? I have?

Posted 21 Nov 2017 by Vuyokazi 0 answers

... successfully treated my candida overgrowth using other products to my surprise BUT vaginal thrush is new to me. I believe it might be because of my hormonal imbalance. I need a treatment remedy to cure the thrush. It is rather chronic

Is itraconazole 100 mg right remedy for oily and greasy hair?

Posted 25 Nov 2017 by purvichiku9646 1 answer

Is itraconazole 100 mg right remedy for oily and greasy hair?a doctor online has recommended. i have oily hair from last 2 years , too greasy scalp face looks dull always, no benefit of washing hair ..foam comes but oil does not get out remains greasy. need a good suggestion or prescription?

I have been taking Sandostatin for 16 months now. I used to have thick hair but now more than half?

Posted 29 Nov 2017 by Claude Zeid 0 answers

... my hair has fallen. Does Sandostatin cause hair loss? What is the remedy?

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim - What's the remedy for skin rash from side affects of this drug?

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by Nocadus 0 answers

I see several reviews listing skin rash as a side affect which is what I'm also experiencing. I'm wondering what is the best remedy for the rash? It's quite itchy, doesn't seem to worsening but not going away either... it's been almost 2 weeks since I stopped taking the ...

I have a problem with trapped wind in the lower stomach. Yarrow was suggested to me as a remedy for?

Posted 26 Oct 2017 by wisegreyowl 0 answers

... this problem. It was recommended it was used as a tea drink... please can you advise its use in this manner and is it a sound remedy for my Problem I have tried WINDEZE but I was wondering if Yarrow was a better option. Sometimes it embarrasses me with bursts of flatulence and painful upper ...

Ciprofloxacin - dizziness/constipation?

Posted 23 Jun 2017 by Awheat 1 answer

My boyfriend took 1 Cipro pill a week ago for diarrhea caused by our trip to Africa. Since, he has been constipated and dizzy. How long will this last and is there any way to remedy these effects?

Actos - What is the best medication for type 2 diabetes?

Posted 19 Jul 2017 by Alec1950 2 answers

Actos he's been seems to cause more problems than remedy

Cholestra powder worked quite well for 94yr. old dad but generated tremendously terrible bad breath?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by murphyjk 0 answers

Does anyone know how to remedy tremendously foul bad breath?

How to Stop Diarrhea - Any Medicine or Remedy Suggestions?

Posted 11 Dec 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Looking for any tips on how to get rid of diarrhea. What drugs or home remedies worked, what foods should I eat or avoid etc... Many thanks.

Are herbal remedies ok to try with severe anxiety and panic disorder?

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by wyominganxiety 4 answers

I have severe anxiety and panic attacks and have tried various meds but have horrible side effects so was planning on trying a more natural remedy, any input?

Headache remedy while taking isosorbide mono ER tabs, 60 mg?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by Marie Deremiah 1 answer

Is there a remedy for the constant headache resulting from taking Isosorbide Mono ER tabs, 60 mg?

Is there any natural remedy I can take instead of taking Levothyroxine I've had my thyroid removed?

Posted 15 Jan 2017 by 1pearl2 0 answers

I'm in between jobs right now so I have no insurance the doctor won't see me unless I pay up front and then wants to send me to the hospital to have my blood drawn with just meat and $300 and this is every 3 months I can't afford to keep doing this I need help is there any natural ...

Burning Mouth Syndrome - I have had acute onset BMS for two years and usually the pain by late?

Posted 20 May 2016 by rhuttnyc 3 answers

... afternoon/early evening is excruciating. I have tried every prescription and non-prescription remedy I know of with only high dose Clonapin giving short mild relief. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm desperate! Has anyone tried medical marijuana for pain relief? Thanks

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