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Relpax Questions

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Headache - I have chronic daily migraines with whiplash like neck pain. I've tried Relpax, Zomig,?

Posted 1 Oct 2009 by char1331 6 answers

... Maxalt, Imitrex (2 forms), Fiorocet, Compazine, Topamax, Inderal, Depakote, DHE IV therapy, Anaprox, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Klonopin, Mass doses of vitamins, magnet therapy, and probably a few other things that I can't think of right now. This has been going on for more than 3 years now. Does ...

Can anyone suggest something to stop my migraines?

Posted 7 Aug 2011 by Headaches 101 3 answers

I have a severe migraine that isn't responding to any of my medications (torodol, relpax, norflex, over the counter sinus medication, advil, excedrin). I've had this headache for 4 days now and can't even function. I suffer from chronic sinus infections, and I do have a small ...

Triptans vs. Ergots vs. Botox?

Posted 19 Oct 2014 by Mackintosh 2 answers

I am still seeking the best possible treatment for my severe migraines and so far, the only med that I have been able to take long-term with good results has been Relpax. However, I usually have to take more than 40 mg. after years on it now and I only get six pills a month--thus, they go FAST! I ...

Does relpax make you urinate more than usual?

Posted 4 Nov 2011 by sassy704 2 answers

I have noticed that when I take relpax I urinate more. Like when I lie down and go to sleep, when I wake up I immediately will urinate all over myself... It also happens if I stay awake but get very tired from the medicine.

Can I take Benadryl with Relpax?

Posted 28 Apr 2012 by kellyaspaulding 1 answer

Who should not take Relpax?

Posted 29 Mar 2011 by vvlc 1 answer

Is naratriptan a safer migraine med than relpax?

Posted 7 May 2013 by ultimatemom 1 answer

I just took relpax and side effects feel like symptoms of a heart attack. Is one safer than the other?

Does Relpax work for Auras?

Posted 3 Feb 2016 by ReliefQuest 1 answer

Hello, I am a parent of a migraine/aura sufferer. My daughter is fifteen and has silent migraine/auras that are debilitating. The three day hangover, severe nausea for days, sleeps on and off or thru the first half of the day. Misses school every week. She used to have the severe Migraine ...

Relpax - snack before?

Posted 4 Dec 2014 by jvgal76 1 answer

Should I eat a meal or snack before?

Can I take relpax head ache medication with my contrave?

Posted 27 Feb 2017 by Pruitt47 1 answer

I just started contrave and ate berries and got sick and really bad headache. It was only second day of taking contrave. I don't know if it was berries with this that caused the headache and nausia. But I usually take relpax, so I took it and skipped contrave the next day because I was hurting ...

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