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Pseudoephedrine Questions

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Phenylephrine vs Pseudoephedrine - How do they compare?

Pseudoephedrine vs. Phenylephrine?

Please explain the difference between pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine, in particular why one works better than the other at different times.

Sudafed - How many milligrams of pseudophedrine can a family buy in a month ? There are 4 of us and?

WE ALL have REALLY BAD ALLERGIES. It's the only thing that works for my boys, & I don't think I can buy it. Well I can't buy enough for the whole family. So what's a person to do about this ? Once more how many MG's can a family buy a month. Every pharmacy I go to... read more

When can I purchase Claritin D again?

i need to know when i can purchase Claritin d again

Over the Counter Medication for Pets

The Do's and Don'ts of Cough and Cold Medicines

Duplication Warning: How can I see which of my medications are the duplications (Phenylephrine)?

When being warned of potential duplications - for example when checking interactions for "Phenylephrine" a warning is "Phenylephrine interacts with Pseudoephedrine." how do I then find which of my medications contain Pseudoephedrine (without exhaustively going through each (and... read more

How do you choose the right allergy medication?

What OTC drugs relieve tripledemic symptoms in kids?

Can I take allergy medicine with heartburn medicine?

I was recently given a prescription for esomeprazole & I was wondering whether it would be safe to take pseudoephedrine hydrochloride & triprolidine hydrochloride as well, because of allergies that I get somewhat frequently, somewhat unexpectedly. I really need all of those medications but... read more

How to Choose Cold and Flu Medications for Kids

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