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Spironolactone - I'm having this Hair loss side effect after I start using it, loss over 500 hair p?

Posted 20 Jun 2017 by Yamamaya 1 answer

I'm having this Hair loss side effect after I start using it, loss over 500 hair per day, how long will it normally last? If I use proscar in the same time, will it stop hair loss? I'm taking 140mg Spiro per day for HRT reason, and hair losing start at the second week after I start using ...

Finasteride - 18 years ago I began using Merck Proscar and it worked geat.I switched to Sandoz?

Posted 23 Sep 2016 by sailboy 0 answers

..Finasta as it was a fraction of the cost of Proscar. Since being in the US I have been unable to find Finasta ( Made in India) and instead have been using a substitute drug from Walmart which I don't believe is as effective as Proscar or Finasta. My question is..Where can I find Finasta in ...

If I discontinue taking Proscar after 6 months is it likely my original problem will return?

Posted 8 Sep 2009 by vineyard 1 answer

I urinated blood generally prior to the main flow. After various tests it was diagnosed to be the result of a weak vascular system in my prostate and I was given a 6 month prescription of proscar. I would like to stop taking the prescription after the 6 months but would like to know if my problems ...

Is it bad to stop and resume proscar?

Posted 30 Jul 2014 by yelthoumi 1 answer

I am taking Proscar and Cardura for about 2 years to treat BPH. My PSA is now less than 2 ng. My doctor is suggesting to stop Proscar to avoid its side effects. But what if the PSA is elevated again, can I resume taking Proscar ?

Does Proscar (finasteride) cause penile shrinkage?

Posted 26 Jul 2012 by Gjclap 1 answer

I have seen some reports on the web that finasteride causes your penis to get smaller in length and girth.

Upper body muscular pain?

Posted 6 Apr 2013 by Lars nelson 1 answer

Taking finasteride (proscar) and losartan.

How long after I stop taking Proscar before I can produce more ejaculate and a harder penis?

Posted 10 Aug 2012 by kaybwc 1 answer

I have noticed a lessening of sexual desire and a notable smaller discharge of sperm as well as trouble getting and maintaining a rigid erection.

Can I take viagra or any other sexual enhancers whilst taking proscar?

Posted 27 Jul 2011 by brandon82 2 answers

Hi, i have been taking proscar for about 3 years now with excellent results for my hairloss, although i have a very low sex drive, loss of erection and libido, i was wondering is it safe to take viagra or any other libido enhancers with proscar. i dont want to stop taking proscar as i will most ...

Proscar - Do any of you have breast enlargement?

Posted 27 Jul 2012 by kennyray 2 answers

Can doxazosin cause painful ejaculation?

Posted 5 Feb 2011 by harsch 2 answers

I take 8mg doxazosin for BPH. I have also added Proscar for same reason. I have painful ejaculations and wonder if these drugs are to blame.

Proscar - can it be given to a women for hair loss and what would be the dose?

Posted 14 Nov 2010 by hiba6 1 answer

How much can proscar benenit in case of women hair loss and how much it should be taken - my age is 25,weight 54 kg,i have hormones problems that caused my hair loss since i were14 years old

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