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A Daily Cup of Tea May Soothe Your Heart

Posted 2 Mar 2016 by

TUESDAY, March 1, 2016 – Drinking as little as a cup of tea daily may be good for your heart health, new research suggests. The study found that people who drank a cup of tea each day were 35 percent less likely to have a heart attack or other major cardiovascular event, compared to nondrinkers. The study also found that tea drinkers were less likely to have calcium buildup in the heart's coronary arteries. Calcium deposits have been linked to serious conditions, such as heart disease and stroke, the researchers said. "We found that moderate tea drinkers had a decreased progression of coronary artery calcium and a decreased incidence of cardiovascular events," said Dr. Elliott Miller. He's an internal medicine physician and instructor of medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. But Miller noted that the researchers couldn't prove a cause-and-effect relationship between tea ... Read more

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Early Promise for a Blood Thinner Without the Bleeding Risk

Posted 6 Feb 2014 by

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 5, 2014 – An experimental drug appears to prevent dangerous blood clots, without raising the risk of excessive bleeding – at least in animals. Scientists found that an injectable antibody protected rabbits from developing blood clots but didn't cause bleeding complications – a potential side effect of all current anti-clotting drugs. The findings, reported Feb. 5 in the journal Science Translational Medicine, are only an initial step. The hope is to eventually bring safer clot-preventing drugs to the market, said researcher Dr. Thomas Renne, of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Renne said his team plans to test the antibody, dubbed 3F7, in a phase I study – a small trial that tests the safety of a drug in humans. An expert not involved in the research said these early findings "are really quite exciting." "The holy grail in this field is to be able to ... Read more

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Aspirin Equals Pricier Blood Thinner for Preventing Clots: Study

Posted 4 Jun 2013 by

TUESDAY, June 4 – Aspirin appears to be just as good as more expensive, more potent blood-thinning medication for preventing blood clots after hip replacement surgery, according to new research. People who get artificial hips are at risk of serious blood clots, such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, after the surgery. To prevent them, doctors usually prescribe blood-thinning (anticoagulant) medications, such as low-molecular-weight heparin, which is given by injection, or the newer drug, rivaroxaban (brand name Xarelto), a pill. But that old medicine-cabinet standby, aspirin, also has blood-thinning properties. And the Canadian researchers wondered if this simple, inexpensive drug could also prevent blood clots after a major surgery. They compared the drugs for four weeks, following 10 days of treatment with heparin immediately post-surgery. The investigators found the ... Read more

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