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Praziquantel Questions

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Biltricide - I believe I'm infected with chlonorchais sinensis-I haven't had positive confirmation?

Posted 3 Nov 2016 by XtineNCO 0 answers

... even though I can see these worms in my stool. I did one praziquantel treatment for 3 days along with Albendazole for 14 days and now, 3 weeks later, I am finding larval worms on skin, scalp and stools. Can I do another praziquantel treatment NOW?? My doctor is very slow to help me & I am ...

Is oxibendazole and praziquantel safe for humans to kill parasites?

Posted 31 Jan 2015 by eenerp61 1 answer

I think my family contracted parasites from our cat, and wondering if the wormer I have is ok to be taken by humans.

What is the correct dose of Praiquantel for adults?

Posted 13 Sep 2014 by Eclipse121617 1 answer

There is a discrepancy in dosing information for the drug Praziquantel on this website. The difference is between information given in the 'dosage' tab and the 'for professionals' tab. For example for the treatment of -Heterophyes heterophyes - dosage is listed as "75 ...

Praziquantel - wathis pre eclampsia traement?

Posted 11 May 2011 by ullhnajeeb 1 answer

pre eclamsia treatment

I have virus taenia solium for 1 years and 6 months. I used to take pirantel for 6 months, but i?

Posted 7 Jun 2010 by smartcomsci 1 answer

... was not better, then i used zentel 3 dose for 3 days and always repeat it every two months. but now i'm still not better. and so now can i use this medicine (praziquantel), and how can i use it. i'm male 19 years old.170cm and 52kg. please help me

Is vermox as good as praziquantel for treatment of latum or anisakiasis on human?

Posted 10 Dec 2009 by raudate 1 answer

what should we do for children o an adult with kidney problem

I want to use praziquantel, metronidazole, livamisole in ornamental fish food?

Posted 12 Jan 2010 by amit1710 1 answer

can somebody tell me about thermal stability of these drugs?? what preservative can be used to have better shelf life of these drugs??

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