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Is there a generic for lyrica? If so, what is it?

Posted 29 Mar 2011 by BUBBLES1963 2 answers

Can gabapentin and pramipexole be taken together??? One is for nerve damage and one is for restless legs... Thank you..Brenda

Pramipexole - Does Mirapex really work for depression?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by Amy2715 3 answers

My doctor recently prescribed Mirapex for my severe, treatment resistant depression. I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and what the results were? Also were there any side effects? I’ve only been taking it for 5 days and have had some mild nausea but that’s it.

Pramipexole - What is common dosage you are taking for Mirapex? or it's generic?

Posted 14 Apr 2016 by alpotigger 3 answers

My significant other has been taking Mirapex, or it generic form, for thirteen years. It has worked well for his severe Restless Leg Syndrome, though over the years he has had to take more and is now up to 7 mg a day. We have moved and our new providers feel strongly he is over dosing and there is ...

Is there a difference in the ingredients between Pramipexole and Ropinirole?

Posted 8 Jun 2011 by move1 3 answers

Because of insurance I have to change from Pramipexole to Ropinirole. My doctor is having me do a withdrawal from the Pramipexole before starting on the Ropinirole. This method is pure agony, I walk the floor and really suffer greatly with the legs sensations. If the active ingredients are the ...

Can taking gabapentin & pramipexole together cause side effects?

Posted 17 Apr 2015 by marynuske 1 answer

I have restless leg syndrome and severe pain and sensitivity in my feet

Pramipexole - Why is it making my RLS worse?

Posted 26 Jun 2016 by Kristin G 2 answers

Just started taking .5 mg 4 nights ago and every night my RLS has gotten worse and worse. Today had to do the treadmill twice and have taken 3 Robaxet to calm down my legs. Should I give up now or will it improve?

Latuda and muscle jerks? Hi Latuda works great but I get jerks and twitches that really bother me?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by luke uno 2 answers

things like Cogentin are out of the question because I already have horrible dry mouth so has anybody have experience with dopamine agonists like Pramipexole or other Parkinson's type medications that may control this?

How do I switch from Ropinirole to Pramipexole?

Posted 24 Mar 2010 by Thailand Retiree 2 answers

I currently use Ropinirole (1.5 mg daily) to alleviate RLS, but now live in a country where it is not available. Pramipexole is available here. What is the best process for switching use? Do I need to taper off Ropinirole while gradually increasing use of Pramipexole? Over what period of time?

Can I stop taking pramipexole cold turkey?

Posted 9 May 2011 by vivian walsh 2 answers

Been on pramipezole for a few years, taken 1mg at night time for restless legs syndrome. Now I'm having pain in legs when walking, more so walking up stairs. Can I stop the medication cold turkey?

Is there any relief for hypersexuality and inability to orgasm when taking Pramipexole?

Posted 18 Mar 2013 by TABernadette 1 answer

I have taken Pramipexole for Parkinson's for 5 years with no side effects. My dosage was recently increased to 1.5 mg x 3 and I have sudden hypersexuality and inability to orgasm to the point I am unable to sleep. It works great controlling my Parkinson's symptoms so I am reluctant to ...

I started taking pramipexole last fall. I started gambling, binge eating, compulsive shopping and?

Posted 29 May 2013 by Stomper222 2 answers

... had no idea why. Now I find out this is a rare side effect of this drug. I take this for restless leg syndrome. Anyone else have these symtoms?

Restless legs?

Posted 14 Apr 2012 by jplv 2 answers

I need help I have trouble with medication I was on pramipexole for a long time then it seem not to work as well went to gabapentin, do not like side effects. I have been off pramipexole for at least a month.could I go back to pramipexole. I cannot start off with requip at a .25 dose, my legs are ...

Pramipexole - does rls ever go away or subside?

Posted 20 Mar 2013 by deacon23 1 answer

I am 65 and just was just diagnosed with rls following 3 sets of steriod injections for back issues. I took mirapex 0. 125 last night for the first time and it did help with the rls issue (thank god) but I also woke up about 5 times during the night - luckily I seemed to fall back asleep right ...

Is pramipexole di-Hcl a narcotic?

Posted 20 Nov 2013 by juneblue 1 answer

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