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Portia Questions

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What is the difference between Levora and Portia?

Posted 8 Aug 2018 3 answers

I've been taking Levora for almost 5 years and my pharmacy is now switching me to Portia (something to do with manufacturing costs). I called my pharmacy and they assured me that they are exactly the same with the same active ingredients. However, I've read nothing but horrible reviews ...

Help!!! I took my pill 13 hours late on Saturday. I normally take it at 8 am and I took it at 9pm!?

Posted 1 Dec 2017 1 answer

I took it 13 hours late and then four days later on Tuesday I had sex and didn't use a condom! He didn't come in me however im trying to decide if I should take plan b or not! I am on portia birth control!

Can you become pregnant by missing one dose of Portia birth control pill?

Posted 1 Jul 2012 1 answer

I have been on Portia for about a month however I dont always take it the same time and I occasionally miss doses. Well I took my pill Thursday morning and forgot to take it friday morning. Friday night and Saturday morning I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and took my pill Saturday afternoon ...

My boyfriend ejaculated inside of me yesterday but I'm on birth control and it was my last active?

Posted 20 Aug 2017 2 answers

I'm on Portia and I take it around the same time every day. I have been on it for 3 months now and I typically take it around 8am but yesterday I took it at 10:30am. If he ejaculated inside of me could I be pregnant or should I take a plan b

If you have been taking Portia birth control for about three weeks, while sexually active, and are?

Posted 11 Oct 2013 2 answers

... now on the white pills, when do you get your period?? I was on my period about a week before I started taking the pills and that was about a month ago. But I still haven't had my period. Is that bad??

Is Portia the same medication at malissa?

Posted 6 Jul 2017 1 answer

Can I have worry-free sex when taking the reminder/placebo pill?

Posted 12 Feb 2010 1 answer

For me there is a window of time between starting the reminder pill and when my cycle starts (usually 3 days) and I was wondering if it is safe to have sex, without getting pregnant, in those 3 days before my period starts?

How long will portia make my period last?

Posted 8 May 2010 1 answer

im just starting portia today, my period usually lasts for about 5 days, but since the portia placebo pills last a given for a whole week... does this mean that i will now have my period for that WHOLE week?

Portia - my period is late. What should I do?

Posted 11 Aug 2010 1 answer

I started taking the pill two months ago. My first period lasted three days, this time it is Tuesday and I should have started... is this normal or do I need to be worried and get a pregnancy test?

How long will my period last on the Portia BC pills?

Posted 18 Sep 2011 1 answer

I started Portia about 3 weeks ago and on the last 2 active pills that i had i got my period... is this normal, and wondering how long my period will last?? I heard it usually last 3-5 days but before i was on the pill i would have it for 7-10 days which im not sure if that is normal or not and the ...

Ive been taking portia monthly so I dont get my period well I was late taking it this month?

Posted 10 Dec 2011 1 answer

my boyfriend is goin back on the rigs soon so i decided to take my birth control which is portia one month after another cause my doctor said it was alright todo that so i dont get my period this month but i was late getting the portia so i didnt start it until friday when im supposed to start it ...

What happened to the day of week stickers that were included in the Portia pack?

Posted 5 Oct 2015 1 answer

Every pack of Portia used to come with an insert that allowed you to cover over the Sunday-Saturday day of week with the day you actually start your pack. I've noticed that with my last few refills, the stickers are gone! What happened... and will they ever come back??

Portia - I took the last pink pill and the same night my boyfriend ejaculated inside. Is it possible

Posted 8 Oct 2017 1 answer

... I’ll become pregnant? I’ve been on birth control for almost 3 years now.

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