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Phlegm Questions

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Nexplanon - I got the implant Feb 24th. I'm still bleeding. Headaches are regular and coughing...

Posted 8 May 2018 by Sarasorto 0 answers

... up a lot of phlegm. Also my wrists feel broken! It's hard to do anything with my hands. Anyone else have joint pain like this? It's not listed as a symptom but has hurt since the day it was implanted. I can't even enjoy picking up my baby. Working on getting this thing removed. ...

What could the most probable illness be regarding the information below?

Posted 22 Mar 2018 by rbarwick 0 answers

I am sick every day bringing up thick yellow phlegm, and also feel extremely tired constantly. I hardly eat anything and have been like this since xmas, i took a course of antibiotics but the problem has returned. Going a number 2 can painful, even though i am never constipated.

Benzonatate - Does this drug loosen phlegm?

Posted 28 Dec 2017 by Qthatsme 0 answers

I need more information about ACC Akut, a drug manufactured in Germany?

Posted 28 May 2017 by raftthefuta 1 answer

Hello. I received an order of ACC Akut. All of the instructions are in German and now I am wondering whether or not this will give me relief from phlegm as indicated on the web site where I ordered it and what other side effects it may have. The dosage of each tablet is 600mg. Thank you Marshall

I use 5% Efudex on my arm (area approximatly size of half dollar?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by Markham 1 answer

Is there possible side effect of a somewhat constant cough and phlegm?

Coughing up tiny blood-like-vessels in phlegm?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by SyringomyeliaSucks 2 answers

Everyday I'll cough up a lump of phlegm which is greenish (I've had this for months and months) the last few days I've noticed there's lots of tiny blood-vessel-like things in there rather than streaks of blood... I have an ongoing problem with my best suspected heart failure by ...

Every morning I spit up phlegm with blood in it. Is this dangerous?

Posted 12 Mar 2017 by TINAMCE 2 answers

I had breast cancer 6 years ago and it was stage 3 aggressive. I only spit this up first thing in the morning.

I am still jittery with tingling and hot sensations and I've been off of z pack for 4 days is this?

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by Scarlet24 0 answers

... normal and u still have tight head and phlegm

Sore throat and phlegm that is a little thick and green when I cough?

Posted 1 Jul 2016 by Quietstorm3 0 answers

I've been taking mucinex and it is not doing any good. Had this problem for at least 3days. My throat is starting to burn and the cough is getting more frequently. Would septa help this problem any. Not feeling well

Cough and gabapentin?

Posted 22 May 2016 by Doug Dowds 1 answer

I am a 69-YO male and have been prescribed gabapentin for sciatica pain. I have been dealing with a hacking cough, mildly sore throat and phlegm that I suspect is a side effect. Any specific information or experiences with this and or recommendations?

Regarding L girl's comment on Xeloda?

Posted 17 Apr 2016 by janmarbol 1 answer

My husband is on it and is extremely fatigued. He also coughs constantly and brings up white foamy phlegm. L girl, you said your mom passed soon after taking the drug. I'm so sorry. Did she have issues with lungs and/or cough? I hope you see this but I'm not sure you will since we ...

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