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Pharyngitis Questions

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Has anyone been on Lexapro and Prednisone at the same time? I had a high ANA titer and they?

Posted 16 Jan 2016 by blaaccypher 4 answers

Started me on the Prednisone as a precaution pretty high dose. I have been on it before for two years but not with Lexapro. Please help!!!

Can keflex be used for flu like symptons?

Posted 12 Apr 2010 by Nal854 2 answers

I had a head cold that went to my chest, fatigue, muscle aches, fever upto 101.4 and loss of appetite

My son was given amoxicillin 500mg I can't afford to buy it can he take augmentin 500/125 instead?

Posted 2 Mar 2013 by heart racing 1 answer

He is 10 years old and weighs about 120 lbs I took him to the er and he was diagnosed with pharyngitis/tonsillitis

Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis - I always get a bad sore throat when I finish sing, immediately after and?

Posted 6 Jun 2014 by shalz13 1 answer

... it usually lasts a few days, what could be the reason? i visited the doctor and they said that it's a build up of acid reflux , he gave me medication but it did'nt work.. can you help me out ? thank you!

I need to know if pharyngitis can be caused from tooth abcesses?

Posted 12 Sep 2009 by babygirl269 1 answer

my husband had 2 abcessed teeth extracted the dentist gave him no antibiotics and 2 days later was diagnosed in the ER with pharyngitis

Avelox to treat pharyngitis?

Posted 15 Oct 2009 by ffw 1 answer

I was prescribed Avelox as treatment for acute pharyngitis. I have dry cough, with occasional mucus mostly in the morning, and my voice is somewhat impaired but other than that no other significant symptoms. I am scared to start on this medication after reading about numerous unpleasant and ...

Dexamethasone - I was prescribed Dex pack with Clarithromycin, for bronchitis, laryngitis,?

Posted 15 Feb 2010 by gfoley 1 answer

... pharyngitis and sinusitis after two weeks of a very bad URI. I began to have extreme disruption of sleep, agitation, nervousness, dizziness; loss of balance, muscle weakness; disruption of thought processes, confusion, memory, judgement; cognitive impairment. I am a nursing student with exams ...

Where can you go for help for immeadiate esophygial surgery due to taking prednisone for asthma?

Posted 9 Nov 2010 by needanangel 2 answers

Michael recently needed to go to Mass General Hospital Emergency and receive 5 pints of blood due to this problem. The doctors told him, he needed surgery soon and would not survive another bought like this one. Mass General then released him because he did not have insurance. The doctors told him ...

Swollen gland and NO answers???

Posted 5 Jan 2016 by deliza_m 1 answer

It's been almost 2 months since the initial swelling. November 14, I wake up and start feeling like I may have strep throat. Awful sore throat, extreme chills&sweats. Left lymph node under my jaw feels tender. The next morning it was absolutely unbearable. Fever. Body aches like never ...

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