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On 18th week of Harvoni. Side effects weren't too bad until recently?

Posted 18 Jun 2015 by KeepinTheFaith 2 answers

Side effects from previous treatments Rebetron and Pegasys seem to be appearing again. They never really went away fully, as many have always been with me, though in a milder but more tolerable form. Bone, joint and muscle aches mostly. Has anyone else noticed this, also? Fibromyalgia was suggested ...

Is there an anti-depressant that doesn't raise blood pressure?

Posted 18 Feb 2013 by detzishere 3 answers

I'm starting Pegasys/Copegus treatment on the 22nd (Feb) for Hep C. It is necessary as I understand that I be on a anti-depressant during this treatment. My blood pressure is normally 110/60 and the Citalopram that I took for about 3 weeks raised it up to 140/70. The treatment meds are also ...

Pegasys - I treated once 1999 for 6 months with alpha Interferon and Ribavirin 3 shots a week it was

Posted 16 Dec 2013 by Undetectable 2 answers

... unsuccessful and awful. In 2010 - 2011 I treated with Genentech version of peg interferon 6 months also awful and unsuccessful. In 2012-2013 I treated for 12 months and in sept. 2013 test came back undetectable my doctor says I'm cured what are the chances of me re-acquiring HCV? I do not ...

I am taking pegasys. is there anything the doctor can prescribe that anyone knows of to stop pain?

Posted 15 Nov 2013 by rummage 2 answers

I have no appetite and the body ache and drain is disabling my days activities.

What if I forget to refridgerate pegasys?

Posted 9 Apr 2013 by heriberto maldonado 1 answer

i was defrosting my refridgerator and forgot to turn it back on for about 16 hours

Pegasys - has any effect on patient with renal failer?

Posted 31 Jan 2013 by banalaballi 1 answer

on dialysis and need kidney transplant

Will be starting pegasys and ribapak 600mg in 5 days. have heard horrible things about it. if there?

Posted 5 Jul 2012 by hepcsucks 4 answers

... will be side effects usually how long after starting do you notice them. i know i will be laying in bed just waiting (and probably imaging) for something to suddenly happen, or is it usually more subtle. i'm expecting the worst and hoping it won't be so bad. by the way i am a 55yr old ...

Hepatitis C - I haven;t started Pegasys,copegus nor incivek yet.but soon will. what can I expect as?

Posted 6 Oct 2011 by ldotson 2 answers

... side effects ,what are they really like? I'm a little scared. Help

I'm in my second round of trick or treatments. First didn't work (1A) so?

Posted 17 Aug 2011 by Cynbrat 2 answers

this time Pegasys, Ribavirin and Incivik. I think I'm one of the first Incivek scripts in my area and this is week 3 for me. The only difference I see so far is the nausea and projectile vomitting... once last week and once this week. It can't be good to yark up the meds, can it?

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