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Pancreatic Cancer Questions

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How can I find relief from the high cost of Creon? I am in the doughnut hole with medicare?

Posted 8 Jun 2017 by Maeleon 1 answer

My prescription costs $390. I do not qualify for low income assistance programs, but this price is too much of a burden for any middle class patient. I have pancreatic cancer and had the Whipple surgery. I lost most of my pancreas and can't digest food without the use of enzymes. Can you, help ...

Has Victoza been proven to cause cancer or pancreatitis ?

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by Mommasun68 0 answers

Just been reading about the side effect of Victoza. My doctor seems to think it's safe regardless of the side effects being a possibility of some cancers. I have been treated for cancer in the past and was wondering if it increases the risk. Would Tresiba be a safer choice?

Pittsburgh, PA pancreatic support needed!?

Posted 15 Mar 2017 by Coalminersdaughter 0 answers

My name is Anna Ferguson I live in Pittsburgh, PA and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer June 22 2016 I was giving 6 months at stage four... Guess what, I'm still alive :) and was just giving some amazing news I'm down to stage 2 and my tumor has shrunk by 40% a miracle for sure! ...

University of Florida is starting a trial using Keytruda for pancreatic cancer. My husband has an?

Posted 23 Feb 2016 by pete1224 0 answers

... appointment next week to enter this trial. Any words of wisdom? Are you all melanoma patients? Can you tell me about side effects?

Xeloda - Starting Zelda on Monday during radiation sort for cancer lesion in liver?

Posted 1 Jan 2016 by Donna0624 0 answers

Had pancreatic cancer in 2013. Had whipple surgery Jan 2014. Cancer free for 8 mos. then. Scans showed lesion in right upper liver which is approx 2 inch. Biopsy done to show pancreatic cells in liver lesion. Do you feel taking 2000 mg a day will work to shrink tumor with high doses of radiation?

Has anyone heard about pancreatic cancer caused by Janumet?

Posted 31 Oct 2012 by nene46 2 answers

I recently saw a commercial in NYC about a class action lawsuit against Janumet. I'm not sure if long term use of Janumet could cause pancreatic cancer or any other condition.

How do you get exocrine pancreatic insufficiency?

Posted 26 Dec 2014 by cessymarie 2 answers

My mom tells me she has pancreatic cancer. And I'm not sure if pancreatic cancer is the same as exocrine pancreatic insuffciency

Is Bydureon or Byetta linked to Pancreatic cancer?

Posted 15 May 2013 by Pup eros 4 answers

A syndicated radio show had a doctor on it saying that the drug Byetta and Bydureon causes pancreatic cancer. I have taken both, but the Bydureon is the one that I now take, for the last year. I have no other cronic illness but type 2. radio

Is there a company that can provide financial assistance with purchasing medications?

Posted 21 Jul 2014 by marimo 1 answer

I am a 63-year old woman, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November, 2013. Since my surgery, I have been unable to eat much of anything, without major bouts of nausea. For seven months now, I've had to deal with nausea, stomach cramps (often severe), bloating and diarrhea, on a ...

Do you have a grant program that helps with insurance co-pays for Gemzar?

Posted 25 Mar 2014 by smedford 1 answer

My husband is being treated with Gemzar for Pancreatic cancer.

I took Xeloda for 3 or about months for liver and pancreatic cancer. I was diagnosed June of 2011?

Posted 21 Sep 2013 by Derbylady 1 answer

I beleive because of your product that my chances were greater then almost everyone, I wanted to thank you so very much, I was given to Dec. of 2011. How much longer will the drug work ?

Spouse Starting Gemzar?

Posted 26 Aug 2013 by Joanne19335 1 answer

My 62 year old wonderful husband was diagnosed with Stage III unresectable PC in April. He already had 6 weeks of radiation (M-F) and chemo 24/7 (5 FU). His latest scan showed no change or shrinkage of his tumor. His oncologist is starting him on Gemzar this week for 4 months (once a week for 3 ...

Dose junivia cause pancreatic cancer?

Posted 19 Apr 2013 by mrhogansr 2 answers

Been seeing ads on tv about junivia causing pancreatic cancer

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