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Pancreas Questions

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Pancreatitis - what Happens When The Pancreas Is Calcified?

Posted 8 Nov 2013 by RubyBlue 3 answers

I am a 54 yr old woman who was first diagnosed with pancreatitis over 20 yrs ago. I had been drinking heavily for 10 yrs when I had first attack which hospitalized me for 9 days. The pain was without doubt the most excruciating I have ever felt. Yes, I was advised not to drink... and no, I ignored ...

Tightness in area of pancreas after I eat?

Posted 30 Mar 2017 by Cpsufferer8yrs 1 answer

I'm currently back in hospital again with my 35th flare up since march 14. My longtec has been increased from 40mg to 60mg and my shortec from 5mg to 10mg.I'm also now on creon. Past couple days i'v been getting tightness around area where pancreas is. What causes this and is it ...

What can I do to stop headaches, stomach upset and insomnia after stopping tramadol?

Posted 1 Apr 2014 by bluestargirl 6 answers

One month ago i had surgery to remove the majority of my pancreas and all of my spleen. I was put on tramadol 50mg to have 6 tablets each day (morning, lunch and evening). After 2 weeks of taking them, when i was discharged from hospital i decided to taper it down to 3 tablets each day. I just ...

Are you able to make personal descions or buisness descions on morphine?

Posted 18 Jul 2013 by taylor18 3 answers

Person with pancreas cancer being given morphine,how does this effect their state of mind concerning comphrehending daily descions/and legal matters.

Stent placed in pancreas for a long period cause any adverse effect?

Posted 17 Sep 2013 by KK06 2 answers

I am detected with chronic pancreatitis 2 years ago. After continuous 2-3 major attacks a stent is placed in my pancreas 9 months before. since then i am ok. I want to ask that is there any adverse effect of this stent for so long period?

Acetaminophen/Tramadol - how does the body eliminate tramadol ?

Posted 13 Nov 2013 by lidy 1 answer

is it eliminated by the kidneys , the liver or the pancreas ?

Tramadol - can you use tremadol for a pain relief when ur pancreas is damaged?

Posted 8 May 2014 by Deb2626 2 answers

and a 1/4 going to be removed by doctors

I have been taking Creon for two months and have just found out that my pancreas works perfectly?

Posted 18 Mar 2017 by Betty L 1 answer

4 days ago I had a severe pain in my abdomen and had to be hospitalized for four days they told me to stop taking Creon because my pain do you think these two situations are connected. Also I had Scopes through the mouth and through the rectum and they found nothing including CAT scan.

Hi. I had an acute pancreatitis attack 6 months ago and have not yet fully recovered. I developed?

Posted 12 Jan 2018 by Cdmacp 1 answer

... pseudocysts on my pancreas. I have had an ERCP and had my gall bladder removed. Just had another cat scan and do not have the results yet. I am completely exhausted, have lost my hair and am having some cognitive difficulties. Just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced these ...

Doctor took me off Spirolactone and now my body is giving off an odor? Is this why?

Posted 26 Jan 2014 by sparklebabe2001 1 answer

The doctor placed me on Spiro for about a month for severe liver disease and pancreas problems. Then he took me off of it around a week ago. My aunt, whom I live with, told me today that she noticed a little over a week ago I started putting off an odor, she said it's not sweet or sour ...

Levemir - Which diebetes med would be the best for me?

Posted 5 Oct 2013 by Juanita Reasoner 1 answer

I am just 80 yrs of age and have conquered Hepatitus-C and watching my pancreas very closely. I have a high A1c and dibetes. I desparately need a hip and shoulder operations due to a fall. Please tell me what med would be best so I do not bother my liver and pancreas???

I have had my gallbladder out 18 years ago, now an ultrasound shows a distended common bile duct?

Posted 4 Jun 2014 by sbogensberger 1 answer

could just the removal of gallbladder cause a distended duct. what is the cause. could adnormalities in the pancreas be the cause

I am a kidney pancreas transplant post one year. Will Botox in my forhead cause any problems?

Posted 14 Sep 2017 by Marycloern 1 answer

I'm wondering if the botulism would cause any ill affects to my transplanted organs? I have had Botox in the past for severe lines in my four head between the eyes and never had any problems with Botox in the past?

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