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Oxytocin Questions


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I am trying to quit pain killers?

Posted 19 Jun 2010 by toobadgirl 11 answers

hi there i am trying to quit pain killers. i had a co worker talk to me about my habit two weeks ago..he said something good.told me dont fool yourself, this stuff is nothing to fool around with. get off them now. even if you tell yourself you only take a certain amount you are still fooling ...

What is the classification of oxytocin?

Posted 6 Sep 2009 by issai_25 1 answer

what is it mechanism of action?

Oxytocin - I have been using opiates for almost 10 years and 5 of them every day. I just started on?

Posted 18 Aug 2010 by Wastedyouth1234 5 answers

... 8 mg of suboxone two days ago and am feeling OK but can't sleep and am lazy and tired I know that this can be hard to get off to but I know I can do it! I just need support . I am 25 and just realized how old and how much money I have spent really like youvguys know not fun. I am ready to ...

Oxytocin - My wife suffered after childbirth from severe vomiting, how can we avoid this next time?

Posted 25 Mar 2012 by gaspar 1 answer

... and tetanic uterine contractions (convulsions) and also from chills and low blood pressure. At the time our first child was born the story started with vomiting and chills right after connecting of the Syntocinon infusion. The first day was very hard to endure and the next days breastfeeding ...

I just found out my girlfriend of 1yr is taking oxycodone or oxytocin?

Posted 14 Jan 2010 by rodefer 4 answers

(Is there a difference?) i know she wants off them but im so lost i know nothing about it and i want help in any way we have lived together for 8mo. im so deeply in love with her and she dont think i will ever understand what its like to walk in her shoes i offer help of anykind i just feel like a ...

Oxytocin - my husband has been not himself after 22 years of marriage< I recently found enormous?

Posted 27 Dec 2011 by lpola 4 answers

... amounts of oxycotin, hydrocodone, adder all, vyvance, vicondin and random generic add stimulants hidden in an old safe we never use. he has showed reactions of sudden anger and outbursts, ruined xmsd for our 2 girls who came home from college…now has not gotten out of bed since xmas ...

Oxytocin - I am in recovery from alcohol/drug addiction for 1/2 my life so I am not looking to get?

Posted 19 Nov 2009 by boxerboi56 4 answers

... high. I do; however, take serious pain medication due to a spinal cord injury I got while boxing last January. I take my meds as prescribed and work with my AA sponsor closely. So here is my question today folks. Since my bowel does not work (flaccid bowel due to SCI) I take some stuff to help ...

Oxytocin - I have been clean for 4 days now, from taking Oxy, Vicodin, & Percocet for over a year. I

Posted 4 Dec 2010 by lost79 2 answers

... have mostly mental w/d. I went to my doc & was put on Wellbutrin & Diazepam. I am so tired & have nooo energy. How long does this last?

My bestie is addicted to roxy's and oxy's, she is a mother of 3 and now has no power or water on in?

Posted 2 Dec 2009 by niki_hart 3 answers

her house, what can i do to help her... i need to get her off of them, please someone help me learn how to go about doing so. i know nothing about the pills so please any info would be usefull. thanks, niki

Oxycontin - is 100mg x2 per day and 10mg oxynorm (prn) for breakthrough pain a high dose?

Posted 6 Feb 2010 by flek41 1 answer

I take 100mg oxycontin twice daily and 10mg oxynorm for breakthrough pain as needed, is this a high dose ? as im still in some pain but not as severe as it has been.

Can oxytocin be prescribed to men to offset loneliness?

Posted 28 Sep 2010 by Phyllis Joy 2 answers

As testosterone increases before orgasm, and oxytocin afterward, would some men benefit from the calming effects of prescription oxytocin as opposed to sex seeking behavior?

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