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Can I be pregnant after finishing the first pack or ovral pills and my periods started?

Posted 27 Mar 2017 by Mwati 0 answers

I finished my first pack of ovral 28 and am now on my period. Can I be pregnant after the menstrual cycle finished? Just after using one pack of ovral 28

Is it safe to have sex while using Ovral l tablets?

Posted 18 Apr 2017 by Yely 0 answers

I took 2 Ovral L pills together within 14 hours of having intercourse. How do I take the others?

Posted 18 Dec 2016 by Questioner1 1 answer

How many should I take next, At what time intervals? And until how long should I continue having them?

Can you get pregnant during the 7 days off of min ovral?

Posted 14 Jul 2016 by Wondering587 1 answer

I'm nervous to have sex during 7 days off of the pill in case I get pregnant.. Or does it protect you from the 7 days also?

I have stopped having Ovral-L last week saturday and after week I started bleeding?

Posted 9 Sep 2016 by Tesca 0 answers

I consumed th pill directly after Intercourse Although I had just finished my monthly cycle , i Have started bleeding again after a week are these any kind of side effects of the pill Please suggest any solution Thank you.

First time taking birth control?

Posted 24 Apr 2016 by Jrrgonzalez 1 answer

I started taking birth control the first day I got my period, on my third day my period was so light it was brown spotting... Usually my periods are very heavy. Is that normal? I'm taking Ovral L by the way. First time taking birth control too. Does that mean the birth control is working???

I'm on ovral 28 now I took the red pill and I haven't seen my periods. i've been taking my pill?

Posted 11 Dec 2013 by liraM22 1 answer

... well. can I be pregnant? is it possible to finish all red pill without going on periods. i'm so scared.

Is there any side effect in taking ovral l while give breast feeding to the baby who is 1 1/2 yrs?

Posted 16 Sep 2015 by paarskich 1 answer

... old., just need a contraceptive

I have gone back on Ovral L and my last pill was on Tuesday. Apparently after 2-3 days you're?

Posted 8 Nov 2015 by Drusi 0 answers

... supposed to have your period and until today, Sunday, still no sign of my period

Dear Doctor, I have missed my menses for last 6 months and I consulted a Gyne. She gave me ovral-l?

Posted 19 Oct 2015 by Na15971 0 answers

... tablet for 10 days and doseage is twice a day. I finished my tablet on 10th October and now it's been 9 days and i still haven't got my menses. Any suggestions?

Ovral-28 - What happened if u r pregnant and you don't know u decided to take the ovaral the red?

Posted 16 Sep 2013 by rizana 2 answers

... ones what will happen?is it possible to take the ovaral while u r on anti deppresent medication

Doctor, Stopped taking Ovral L after taking it for 10 days?

Posted 14 Jun 2015 by hp1111 1 answer

Hello Doctor, I have been using Ovral L for about 3 months and in 4 th month stopped it after taking it for 10 days. Now my period had started again in this month after 5 days of stopping the pill. Is it normal? Should I expect the period to come on its normal date again or did my cycle change. I ...

Lo/Ovral-28 - I've started using postoval pills today is the last day for red pill but I don't see?

Posted 10 Apr 2014 by mamiki 1 answer

... my menstruation must I take second pack for second month as I used them to regulate my cycle what are the chances of getting pregnant

I want to know diffrnce btwen yasmin and ovral l pills...which is better and more effective?

Posted 1 Jan 2015 by angelwings16 2 answers

Hi... I have been using yasmin for past 3 4 months now... but this month I hve to use this pill named ovral l... I m a little worried... about the side effects of the tablet... and if its good or not... Which is better betwen both of them... and how do I change from yasmin to ovral l???

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