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Has anyone had any trouble switching from Aviane to Orsythia?

Posted 4 Feb 2012 by cmal0017 20 answers

My pharmacy switched me to Orsythia (I had been taking Aviane) when I went to get my refill. I know they are both generics of Alesse, but since I've had such trouble in the past with birth control, and was doing great on Aviane with no side effects at all, I'm a bit nervous. Has anyone ...

Can I take an antibiotic with my birth control and Plan B one step?

Posted 15 Jan 2013 by 11Girl16 3 answers

I am on the birth control pill "Orsythia" and I took plan B, after the condom broke when my boyfriend and I were having sex. Now, I have a sinus infection and my doctor prescribed me a Z Pack. Is there anyway It could affect the Plan B or Orsythia?

Switching from Orsythia to Vienva?

Posted 11 Jun 2017 by Dlm720 7 answers

I've been on Orsythia birth control for over a year and my pharmacy randomly changed to Vienva, is this the same medication? It looks different but I think that the dosages are the same. I don't want to mess up my body by immediately switching to a different birth control then I'm ...

What will happen if I don’t take the blue Orsythia pills?

Posted 16 days ago by Valencia12 0 answers

I have my period when I start on the blue pills and I was wondering if I stop taking them will my period stop ? Or will it affect anything

Could I possibly get pregnant if I take Orsythia 3 to 4 hours later than usual?

Posted 13 May 2018 by nicoleblue 0 answers

I take the birth control pills everyday, but sometimes I just take it a few hours late.

Orsythia - I've been on this pill for almost 3 months. I'm 9 days late with my period?

Posted 4 Mar 2018 by Raychaell 0 answers

I take my pills the same time every night. I've been so stressed here lately and anxiety thru the roof. I've took 2 pregnancy test that came back negative. Would me missing my period have something to do with my birth control pills?

Stopping Orsythia and restarting?

Posted 13 Dec 2017 by Bc8476 1 answer

I've been taking Orsythia for about a year and recently stopped because my pharmacy couldn't get it to me. I want to restart it but I'm not sure if I am able to start again right away or if I have to wait till my next period. I finished my last pack 6days ago. Can I start taking it ...

Orsythia - My girlfriend lost all sex drive is it this?

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by VonToastington 1 answer

Shes been on this birth control Orsythia and its been very stressful for both of us... she had hormonal testing done and says her hormones are normal... is it this drug?

Are my Sronyx birth control symptoms normal?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by jassy25 0 answers

Hello, I have been on Sronyx for about a month and a half now. I was on Orsythia before this one but my pharmacy didn't have any more of that so they put me on Orsythia. The first few weeks were fine of Sronyx but for the past month I have been having awful side effects. I have been feeling ...

Skipped birth control placebo pill yet still bleeding 2 weeks into the hormonal pills?

Posted 15 May 2017 by Birthcontrolprobs 0 answers

I've been on Orsythia birth control for a few years now. I decided to try skipping the placebo pills & going straight to a new pack of pills to skip my period for the first time a few months ago. It was fine for 3 weeks, but then I went to skip the new pack's placebo pills too. A few ...

Has anyone experienced mildly annoying itching of legs/scalp/palms while taking Cryselle?

Posted 31 May 2017 by Ryebread 0 answers

In hopes of decreasing severe menstrual migraines and stopping break through bleeding my OB/GYN switched me from Orsythia to Cryselle. I've been taking the Cryselle pill for 3 days now at the same time every day. I am uncertain if this pill is causing itching sensations in my ...

Orsythia--causing random bleeding?

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by shelbysavage 0 answers

I used to be on Aubra about a year ago. I didn't spot or get my period until it was the last week of every month. I am now in month 4 of Orsythia, there was a 6-8 month gap between Aubra and Orsythia. For the first three months, it says, it is normal for you to have spotting during your ...

Orsythia - I took a week 2 pill a few hours late and have now been spotting/bleeding for 10 days!?

Posted 23 Feb 2017 by Sketti86 0 answers

... That is the only pill i took late. I'm now almost at the end of week 3 and due for my period the end of next week. Is this normal? Will I ever stop bleeding?

Falmina - I've been taking Orsythia for 34 for days now, am I protected from pregnancy?

Posted 27 Feb 2017 by Naomidillard 1 answer

I've been taking Orsythia for 34 days now and yesterday my boyfriend ejaculated in me. Am I safe from being pregnant?

Orsythia - I lost my last active pill (saturday) in my 3rd week, it fell down the drain! On Sunday?

Posted 23 Jan 2017 by t1234 1 answer

... starts my 7 days worth of sugar pills. Should I still start my new pack on the following Sunday?

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