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Orlistat Questions

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My gallbladder was removed. Can I take orlistat?

No side effects on orlistat does it mean it isn't working?

Hi day 3 on these tablets, I follow slimming world so eat quite healthy but I haven't had any side effects? I haven't been running to the loo or going toilet more than normal, I have had the trumps witch don't smell very nice lol, will this mean it isn't working? I can't... read more

Orlistat - No gallbladder. Can I still use Alli?

HI Friends I just need to shed only 8 Kg, and am very excited to start this drug,however my gallbladder has been removed few years back, Can i still use this drug? also there was a comment on this site about Some people having issues with Liver and Kidney after using this drugs, any comments... read more

No more oily stools from taking alli/orlistat but eating the exact same diet?

I have been taking alli for the past 3months and everyday without fail I'd have really oily stools.but for past3weeks I've not had any oily stools in the slightest but I'm still eating the exact same diet I've been eating whilst I was having the oily don't... read more

Orlistat - How much fat do I take each meal?

Do I look for fat or saturated fat content when shopping to keep my fat intake low?

How do I treat Hypothyroidism?

Orlistat - I purchased a starter pack of Alli and finished it. My stools were orange and oily. Now?

... that I have started taking Alli again, my stools are oily but the oil is now red. Is that normal?

Can orlistat give you palpitations?

Could anyone recommend any tips when first starting to take orlistat?

I have recently been prescribed orlistat and was just wondering if anyone could give me some hints and tips please?

Orlistat - can you stop and then go back on it? Will it work again?

I was on Orlistat for a year and I lost 27 kilos - which was great. However, due to a back injury I cannot walk or do a lot of exercise and I find I’m putting on weight again. I was wondering if I went back on Orlistat again would it help me once again. Has anyone done this and what was the... read more

Can I take orlistat again?

I had a great journey with orlistat and lost around 25 kilos. However I have a serious back problem that doesn’t allow me to exercise much now and I have noticed the weight coming back. If I recommence orlistat will it work again? Has anyone else been on it then off then back on it and has it... read more

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