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Gum Disease Tied to Yet Another Deadly Illness

Posted 1 Dec 2017 by

FRIDAY, Dec. 1, 2017 – Add one more reason to why you should brush and floss regularly: Gum disease bacteria are now tied to higher odds of esophageal cancer. The study tracked the oral health of 122,000 Americans for 10 years. It found that the presence of two types of bacteria linked with gum disease may hike the risk of the cancer. The presence of one oral bacterium in particular, called ...

Health Tip: Avoid Tooth Sensitivity

Posted 27 Oct 2017 by

-- If a tooth delivers a sharp pain any time you brush or chew on that side, you may have a problem called tooth hypersensitivity. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association suggested that these practices be avoided: Aggressive tooth brushing. Whitening or abrasive toothpaste. Clenching the jaw. Consuming acidic drinks. Using tobacco.

Health Tip: Finding The Right Dentist

Posted 9 Jun 2017 by

-- It's important to find a dentist who is professional, takes good care of your teeth and with whom you are comfortable. The American Dental Association suggests: Choosing a dentist whose office has a convenient location and hours, and is in your insurance network. Making sure you can communicate well with your dentist. Choosing a dentist who thoroughly explains preventive care. Choosing an ...

Marijuana May Make Your Gums Go to Pot

Posted 1 Jun 2017 by

THURSDAY, June 1, 2017 – Frequent pot smokers might be dooming themselves to diseased gums, a new study suggests. "It is well known that frequent tobacco use can increase the risk of periodontal [gum] disease, but it was surprising to see that recreational cannabis [pot] users may also be at risk," said study lead author Jaffer Shariff. He is a postdoctoral resident in periodontology at Columbia ...

Health Tip: Get Your Mouth Healthy Before Cancer Treatment

Posted 22 Feb 2017 by

-- You have many things on your mind before you start cancer treatment, but a visit to your dentist should be on your to-do list. The American Dental Association recommends: Talk to your dentist about things that can help prevent dental complications from cancer treatment. Potential examples include fluoride treatment, replacing crowns or bridges, or treating existing gum disease. Brush your ...

Did Cavemen Use Toothpicks?

Posted 27 Dec 2016 by

TUESDAY, Dec. 27, 2017 – Researchers say they've found evidence that ancient human relatives used toothpicks. Wood fibers were found on a tooth in a 1.2-million-year-old hominin jawbone discovered at an excavation in northern Spain. The fibers were found in a groove at the bottom of the tooth, suggesting they came from regular tooth picking. Previously, the oldest known example of this type of ...

Many Americans Skip the Dentist Due to Cost

Posted 6 Dec 2016 by

TUESDAY, Dec. 6, 2016 – Americans are more likely to skip needed dental care because of cost than any other type of health care, researchers report. Working-age adults are particularly vulnerable, the study found. Some 13 percent reported forgoing dental care because of cost. That's nearly double the proportion of seniors and triple the percentage of children for whom cost poses a barrier to ...

Health Tip: Why Floss?

Posted 9 Sep 2016 by

-- If you think you can skip flossing your teeth, think again. It should be an important part of your daily dental health regimen, experts say. The American Dental Association says flossing: Helps remove plaque and tartar. Helps protect against gum disease. Helps prevent cavities.

Health Tip: Hormones Can Affect Women's Dental Health

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by

-- Hormones may affect a woman's dental health throughout her lifetime. The American Dental Association cites these examples: During puberty, hormones can trigger bleeding, redness and swelling of the gums. Each month during menstruation, a woman may have bleeding and swollen gums, swollen salivary glands or canker sores. These symptoms should subside when menstruation ends. Some women who take ...

Health Tip: Why Wisdom Teeth Are Frequently Pulled

Posted 1 Jul 2016 by

-- Third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, may make it easier to chew. But they're also a frequent source of pain and discomfort, and are often extracted. The American Dental Association says misaligned wisdom teeth can: Promote bacterial growth and allow trapped food. Make it difficult to thoroughly floss between teeth. Trigger infection, swelling and pain if the teeth only partially break ...

Health Tip: Use a Cleaner Toothbrush

Posted 14 Jun 2016 by

-- Bacteria and other germs can set up shop in your toothbrush, so it's important to take steps to keep it cleaner. Here are recommendations from the American Dental Association: Replace your toothbrush often. Before and after you brush, rinse the brush well in an antibacterial mouthwash. If you prefer a commercial brush sanitizer, make sure it been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug ...

Health Tip: When Dentures Need Adjusting

Posted 14 Mar 2016 by

-- While dentures are made to fit your mouth, natural changes often signal that your dentures should be adjusted. The American Dental Association says you may need an adjustment if: Your gums recede or shrink, affecting the fit of your dentures. The natural aging process causes changes in the fit of your dentures. You develop frequent mouth sores or infections. Always have your dentures ...

Health Tip: If You Have Bad Breath

Posted 7 Mar 2016 by

-- What's causing your bad breath? Here are some common triggers, courtesy of the American Dental Association: Bacteria in your mouth that feed on bits of food. Poor saliva production, which prevents your mouth from being naturally cleaned. Gum disease. Eating unpleasant-smelling foods, such as garlic or onions. Smoking. A medical problem, such as diabetes, GERD or a sinus condition.

Health Tip: Keep Germs Away From Your Toothbrush

Posted 2 Mar 2016 by

-- Your toothbrush is key to keeping your mouth clean, so make sure it's not full of germs. The American Dental Association suggests: Never share your toothbrush with anyone else. After brushing, rinse your toothbrush to wash away debris. Place your toothbrush in a container, upright, that allows it to air dry without touching any other toothbrush. Store your toothbrush in the open. Do not cover ...

Study Suggests Link Between Gum Disease, Breast Cancer Risk

Posted 21 Dec 2015 by

MONDAY, Dec. 21, 2015 – Gum disease might increase the risk for breast cancer among postmenopausal women, particularly those who smoke, a new study suggests. Women with gum disease appeared to have a 14 percent overall increased risk for breast cancer, compared to women without gum disease. And that increased risk seemed to jump to more than 30 percent if they also smoked or had smoked in the ...

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