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Oxycodone vs Hydrocodone - What's the difference between them?

Posted 16 Mar 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Is tylenol 3 an opioid?

Posted 9 Feb 2013 by ehudge17 4 answers

I have chronic pain and need opioids to help with the pain?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by KayeKaye07 6 answers

I was in an accident 8 years ago. I have several injuries that have made a huge impact on my life. I have a spinal subluxation and C4-T1 fusion and I have a crippling pain that shoots down to my mid-back area. I have been searching for a Dr. to prescribe the Oxycodone, and Duragesic Patches that my ...

I have been on opioids for over 12 yrs I started on them because of stomach pain and Dr did not know

Posted 4 May 2018 by mickeymouse64 1 answer

... what was causing it. A few years went by I had alot of pain could not work and stopped eating due to pain then they found rotting mesh in my stomach they removed as much as possible but not all pain went away after the operation my stomach got infected had to go to hostpital for emergency ...

Does anyone else have to take an opioid for pain and have side effects with Viberzi?

Posted 8 Dec 2017 by klewis33 1 answer

I read the literature AFTER I had been taking Viberzi for a couple of weeks. It said people who take opioids should not take this. My side effects include my arms feeling light, dizziness, balance issues, some trouble walking. Just a woozy feeling. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back to ...

Is metaxalone an opioid?

Posted 7 Jul 2017 by Gz55 1 answer

What drug class is metaxalone in?

Anyone know about Milid or Milide?

Posted 14 Nov 2017 by RWILSONKISSFAN 0 answers

Milid and Milide are trade names for an opioid enhancement drug in the U.K.

What happens next when Golytely doesn't work?

Posted 29 Aug 2016 by emfay13 3 answers

I have chronic constipation from opioids. I don't have ins and last week ended up in the er for extreme pain. I should probably add that I have a rectal prolapse. My Dr had told me to go in if that happened, btw. I hated going to the ER for constipation, but you can literally feel the hard ...

Is it safe to take mefloquine and opioid medication simultaneously?

Posted 24 Oct 2017 by qwert12345 0 answers

My mother badly sprained her ankle but is also heading to Africa soon and must take Lariam. Is it safe to take Lariam (a malaria prevention medication; contains mefloquine) and opioid medications for the pain of her ankle? Or is a harmful interaction possible? I tried searching google but here is ...

Is there any drug that works as well as meloxicam in treating ankylosing ankylosing spondialosis?

Posted 9 Sep 2017 by LOVIN7 0 answers

Due to severe kidney damage from taking that I had to quit and now I hurt in every joint. Is there a non NSAID drug that works as well other then opioids? I can't take anything for pain but Tylenol and it's worthless for my pain.

Is tramadol an opioid?

Posted 5 Jul 2017 by Bossplayer1 0 answers

5 months SC Hizentra increased infusion time to 3 hrs due to side effects?

Posted 30 Apr 2017 by deborahscarfe271148 0 answers

3hrs after infusion I got excruciating lower back pain - requires lots and opioid pain relief. What does this indicate? Have delayed next infusion. Many thanks

Problems with Fecal Impaction?

Posted 25 Jul 2016 by Kingbuba 5 answers

I was given some amitiza samples to try for opioid induced constipation. In four days I was impacted. It is terrible. I have gone back to miralax and stool softeners every day. It works, but at 3-6 days I have a huge cramping BM. Anyone else with OIC have anything that REALLY helps??

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