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Ondansetron Questions

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Can you take ondansetron while pregnant?

Does ondansetron make you feel euphoric if you take more then prescribed?

My younger brother has been taking his medication more then prescribed and I would like to know if he does this for a euphoric feeling or not

Is ondansetron 4mg odt a narcotic?

I cant take narcotics

I have a prescription for ondansetron ODT 4mg tablets from July 2014?

is it safe to take one if I feel nausea? It is Jan 1, 2018

My doctor has prescribed Ondansetron for the nausea caused by gallstones. My healthcare provider now

... refuses to pay for it. Is there a similar drug I can get, preferably over the counter? I'm told that the provider will not pay for anything the doctor at my clinic prescribes.

Is ondansetron hydrochloride a narcotic?

would this drug make you fail a drug test

Can I take ondansetron hcl tablet sublingually? I don't have the disintegrating pill and the?

... nausea/vomiting is occurring now and I'm not sure I've been able to hold down the pill. I'm an adult and took 4 mg. I should be safe taking another tablet at the same does and try it sublingually, right?

Ondansetron - How long does one dose work? 12hr? 24hr?

I have to take this medication at bedtime... Will it help my nausea all the next day or does it wear off in 12 hours?

Will ONDANSETRON make the person that is takinig it test positive for a controlled substance?

Will ONDANSETRON show up as a controlled substance like THC in a urine test? Is it gonna make the person taking this drug test positive for anything that is considered a controlled drug or chemical by the federal government?

Do you take ondansetron 4mg before you eat or after?

Why is Ondansetron a prescription drug and not available over the counter?

It seems like a pretty standard drug for people with sensitive stomachs. Are there some sort of long-term side effects that it can cause if taken often? Thanks.

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