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Do u refrigerate omnicef suspension?

Posted 26 Apr 2012 by Cboonern 1 answer

Can I combine Tamiflu75 mg and Omnicef?

Posted 18 Feb 2017 by QTNALEX 1 answer

I was diagnosed with the flu yesterday and suddenly I have symptoms of a UTI today . There is much pressure and is slighty painful with frequent trips to the bathroom to tinkle. First of all, does 300 mg Omnicef treat a UTI and can it be combined with 75 Tamiflu? Thanks so much for your responses.

Cefdinir - Can omnicef cause severe rectal swelling and destruction?

Posted 13 Aug 2016 by toyota246 0 answers

After finishing my prescribed dose of omnicef, I had severe rectal swelling, my white blood cell count plummeted, and I was very sick for a week. Is this common and what other drugs should I avoid?

I have taken 900mg omnicef for 2 or 3 days when I should be taking 600mg/day is that dangerous?

Posted 5 Oct 2015 by bwacsII 1 answer

I have just caught myself taking 3-300mg caps of omnicef for the past 2 or 3 days instead of 600mg prescribed, and what I have started to notice is that I'm feeling flushed like being sensitive to the sun is this dangerous?

Does omnicef and Axmoxicillan treat the same things?

Posted 29 Mar 2011 by sportslover1375 1 answer

What is the difference between omnicef and amoxicillan. DO they treat the same things?

Does omnicef also cure vaginitis/and will I get a yeast infection ?

Posted 23 Jan 2014 by Betynna 1 answer

I am currently taking cefdinir for kidney infection n pneumonia.

How long do you normally take omnicef for?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by tammy1220 1 answer

If I am allergic to penicillin but can take rocephin and Keflex can I take omnicef?

Posted 10 Feb 2014 by dables7601 2 answers

I have an abcessed tooth and need some relief can I take the omnicef to help with the infection and pain

Son got hives from allergic reaction to omnicef. Would sun exposure make his reaction worse?

Posted 21 Jun 2014 by estevez5 1 answer

He is no longer taking omnicef. Taking zyrtec and benedryl. Already paid for hotel reservations and had prepaid for tickets to water park for this weekend

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