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Novocain Questions

We found 7 questions associated with the 'Novocain' topic.

Post-Surgery: Lots of Pain Meds, But No Relief?

Posted 27 Aug 2016 by bookworm714 1 answer

I am a young woman in high school. I just had a back surgery for a pilonidal cyst 5 days ago. Note: I had this same surgery a year ago, followed by an 8 month recovery, in case that's important. I am alternating between ibuprofen and tylenol every four hours. Today, I took two tylenol and ...

Hi...Chuck,Stephen or Masso. Asking for assistance?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Windchimes123 1 answer

Hi, Could someone help with a question from Bookworm714 from yesterday ? It is regarding the use of oral Novocaine for relief of surgical pain. Please read what we have been talking about and help this unfortunate 19 year old out with her post-op problem. Thank you...

My vet is asking way to much for a local for my 16 yr old palamino?

Posted 10 Apr 2015 by Doc Chase 1 answer

She has two cysts that I'm sure I could do but don't want Ginger in Pain ..Can you prescribe/sell the Novocaine via on-line?

Does anyone know what 'i' before '-caine' means when talking about a novocain allergy?

Posted 25 May 2013 by kmonroe 2 answers

A patient has had allergy to Novocain and the nurse asks if they should have done a skin test prior to surgery to see what other local anesthetics she was allergic too. The doctor mumbled anything with an "i" before caine??? Does that mean it's safe or not? And what drugs have an ...

Im in cosmetology school & my teachers told me that johnsons no more tears has novocain in it?

Posted 6 Sep 2010 by lipstick801 1 answer

Can any one prove them wrong? I've read the back of the bottle it doesn't say novocain but I know there's other names for drugs. Can anyone help me please.

What is procaine/ novocain classification?

Posted 28 Sep 2009 by kgdubbenzs 1 answer

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