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Nitrous Oxide Questions

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Full extraction of teeth upper and lowers, nitrous oxide, how much pain during or after?

Posted 8 May 2017 by simplicity93 1 answer

Hello, so 23 yrs old not in best of shape but tomorrow I go in to have all of my teeth removed and immediate dentures put in. It looks like I'm just getting nitrous oxide and novocaine, wanted to be put to sleep but that requries a medical / physical check and would push back the date of ...

Nitrous Oxide - I recieved NO yesterday while having some dental work. Since then I have this itchy?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by LisaRHess 0 answers

... feeling in my nose and cant stop sneezing. Has anyone else had this type reaction to NO?

Does Nitrous Oxide cause hives?

Posted 22 Jan 2015 by Hawaiianmade 1 answer

My 6-year-old recently went to the dentist to get a cavity filled. Basically, it seems that she broke out in hives a couple minutes after inhaling it though she's had the gas before with seemingly no ill effects. Background. She was not on any medication except for some homeopathic pills ...

Nitrous Oxide - Hello all! Something happened yesterday that I hope you can possibly help me with -?

Posted 4 Jun 2015 by LOSTBRANCHES 1 answer

... my oral surgeon, Dentist and staff at her office were amazing, but they were puzzled as well. Long story short, is a full-out hysterical panic attack soon after the nitrous is started, normal? I went in yesterday to have 11 teeth pulled for same-day partials. Yes, I was nervous in the days ...

Red splotches & vomiting - is this an allergic reaction to nitrous oxide , a dye or antibiotics?

Posted 26 Feb 2011 by cbarton1904 5 answers

My daughter has had consistent UTIs in the past year and a half (she's 5). She was sent to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital for a VCU. She was sedated with nitrous oxide and had some sort of dye flushed through her kidney's and bladder through a catheter. Anyways, she was put on ...

Why nitrous oxide is known as laughing gas?

Posted 15 May 2010 by bhatti106 1 answer

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