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Neurosis Questions

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I was given 10mgs nortryptaline for back pain and I believe it made me feel crazy?

Posted 1 Mar 2016 by madelinedrum 3 answers

Has anyone else experienced this effect from a low dosage of nortryptaline? I felt paranoid, easily upset, disconnected from my usual sense of confidence and positive outlook. My doctor said a dose that low will not have any effect on my mind, but I'm sure it had a negative effect. I stopped ...

Will Effexor work again ? Already waiting for 10 weeks?

Posted 29 Aug 2015 by deprimo 3 answers

Hello everyone. I'm suffering on a dysthymic depression for many years. I tried a lot of medications, but nothing really helped. But increasing effexor after taking it 4 months 150 mg to 250 mg changed my life for the following weeks. My depression was completely vanished. After increasing it ...

Can you identfy this pill?

Posted 19 Nov 2014 by sooner55 3 answers

Stamped: 189 Yellow in color oblong in size

Nature-Throid - Why am I more tired on Nature Throid?

Posted 1 May 2012 by nirea1982 1 answer

I was noticing the conversion seems off I was on 3/4 grain and now 1 grain still always tired, was never tired on Synthroid but I wanted to take T3 also plus I like that it's more natural than synthetic? Has anyone else noticed the levels not being very strong?

Does tapering off Nortriptyline cause weakness, nasal congestion and sinus pain and dizziness?

Posted 16 Aug 2010 by pippa52 2 answers

I have been on Nortriptyline for 30 years. It was part of a drug called Motival which is now discontinued. I was only ever on 10mgs of Nortriptyline. I have now tapered down to 4mgs and have been feeling ill whilst doing this with dizziness etc and want to know if the symptoms I mention in my ...

I'm pregnant in my 2nd month and during the last month I took many prescribed drugs ?

Posted 23 Jul 2013 by ghadaking 3 answers

i'm pregnant in my 2nd month and during the last month i took many prescribed drugs due to a conversion that came to my mouth and tongue. doctors gave me Dormicum, Avil, MOTIVAL, cypralex, calmpam, danterelax, mylogin, Haldol all dosages didn't exceed one dosage only it all happened ...

Neurosis - are there any experimental treatments for conversion disorder that are effective?

Posted 8 Oct 2011 by passionfruit3 2 answers

Im just curious cause i have conversion disorder i understand its very rare and i used to be in a wheel chair and neck brace and walker but Ive gotten along better without but there are at times when its still particularly bad so i was wondering if there are any experimental experiments also can a ...

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