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Narcan Questions


We found 22 questions associated with the 'Narcan' topic.

Does subutex contain naloxone/narcan?

Posted 28 Oct 2011 by Looooo 1 answer

I've heard that there's some success treating alcoholics with Narcan. Any information on this?

Posted 24 Sep 2009 by felicia.sanchez 1 answer

If you have any articles or websites you could refer me to that'd be great.

Can Narcan work on anything other than an opioid overdose?

Posted 27 Apr 2010 by knowing 1 answer

When a friend of mine was render unconscious she was given narcan and she was revived. However, she had not taken any opioids. During the course o the day she did however take several over the counter meds or the flu? She was also given a drug test and it was negative. So narcan counteracted what ...

What drugs does narcan reverse the effects of?

Posted 19 May 2015 by grtara73 1 answer

Will narcan help with withdrawl symptoms?

Posted 6 Jun 2011 by richieotgbg 1 answer

Why give narcan to a patient that has a history of serious side effects?

Posted 12 Aug 2011 by peggypowellelliott 2 answers

I was received in the ER unconcious and was given narcan.

Someone told me that alcohol & Adderall both "pull" the methadone out of your system, is that true?

Posted 18 Aug 2011 by krissie79 2 answers

... the way Narcan pulls dope out of your system, but just not as extreme. Is that true? Now I'm afraid to take my prescribed Addreall!

How much narcan is needed to reverse effects of 100 mcg of fentanyl?

Posted 12 Mar 2012 by pwp224 1 answer

need to carry proper amount of narcan to be able to reverse the effects of 100 mcg of fentanyl

Narcan Injection - What are all uses of Narcan in emergency situations?

Posted 21 Oct 2017 by JaxWar 1 answer

Other than an opioid overdose?

How can I find information about treating rheumatoid using low dose narcan?

Posted 22 Oct 2011 by iamhealthy&happy 1 answer

I've heard there has been success using low dose narcan in the treatment of painful joints as in rheumatoid arthritis &/or pain associated with systemic lupus erythematosous. I'd like more information. How can I get information concerning this?

What time frames and clinical conditions need to be met before medical clearance can be determined?

Posted 27 Jun 2012 by biscuit1 2 answers

... for psych patients after the use of Narcan to reverse the effects of opioid overdose? Are there any guidelines or protocols?

How long is the half life of narcan?

Posted 28 Jun 2013 by earlejones 1 answer

What are the side effects of injecting Narcan straight into a smart port ?

Posted 12 May 2014 by barbara777 2 answers

I was sitting up talking to my nurse when she said she had to flush my port. I ask her what she was giving me and she said what the doctor ordered. I immediately had extreme chest pain severe burning. My chest still hurting blood work show I now have a blood clot. She gave me Narcan. My last pain ...

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