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Does Tramadol HCL 50 mg contribute to High Blood Pressure?

Posted 22 Jan 2017 by 702jmac 5 answers

I recently been in a car accident and was prescribed Tramadol HCL 50 mg for pain. I do not intend to continue use of these meds after my first prescription is out. However I would like to educate myself. My question is simple: May/Can/Does/Will Tramadol contribute to High Blood Pressure? I see ...

Anxiety and Stress - I have been urinating like crazy this week! It started Sunday, due to anxiety?

Posted 5 Jul 2012 by auntof3sjb 4 answers

... and being off on a Sunday for the first time in a WHILE. On vacation all this week. This is no way to live. I am experiencing major things like numbness in the left side of my face from under my eye to right above my jaw line. It goes away after about 5 minutes. Nothing BAD like that since ...

How can I qualify to get Januvia for $5 a month. I am on a very fixed income and can only afford th?

Posted 11 Jan 2018 by Hertman44 0 answers

I was approved for this through the PAP in August but was never able to confirm the details between MD and company ?

Levonorgestrel - I had my period dec 31. And unprotected on jan 19. I took the take action pill the?

Posted 9 Feb 2016 by La-fcl 0 answers

... next day. My expected period was for feb 5 and i got it the feb 4. It was ok for a day then got light . total 4-5 days from the first day it started. Could i be preg or am i just over working myself

Does Omeprazole cap 20mg contain gluten ??

Posted 22 May 2013 by celiac sufferer 1 answer

I have celiac disease and can't have wheat, malt, barley, rye and other grains that have gluten in t hem,,,

My Neoropathy is causing me to be less sensitive, is there anything that can be done?

Posted 18 Jan 2015 by milkman1959 2 answers

My Dr told me that my Neuropathy is causing my E.D., and now my lack of sensitivity has made it almost impossible for me to climax. I am on Gabapentin for my Neuropathy could that be causing my problems also?

I had sex with my boyfriend on friday night and I only took the morning after pill on monday is the?

Posted 20 Aug 2014 by zisto 2 answers

Is there a chance that I mybe pregnent

Levora - Am I still protected if I skipped 6 active pills and my period and started a new pack?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 by lentolosa 1 answer

Last August 16, I took my levora pill at the usual time (9 PM) and after 2 hours, I threw up and knew that it was considered a "missed pill". I feel better the next day (August 17) and I reminded myself to take another pill (from my last pack) and so I did. And I took another pill at my ...

I had been with the same man for 11 yrs. I recently had another partner and I got a bacteria infec?

Posted 2 Oct 2014 by cococrisp1 1 answer

we've been on and off for the last 4 years. I have been with two other men during that time. But each time after i have a new partner, I get a bacteria infection. The very first time, it was with my ex and we didn't use protection. The second time we used protection but i still got an ...

Will Protonix affect my birth control?

Posted 7 Feb 2014 1 answer

I have been prescribed Protonix to help with a new disease I just found out I have called esinophilic esophagitis disease (EoE). I am also on Azurette birth control to monitor periods and protect myself. Can Protonix affect my birth control pills?

Whay my e;ectric wheel chair t can not moving also the battry are full?

Posted 10 Oct 2013 by soliman ibrahim 1 answer

my son has electric wheel chair to help him to standup but seddnley itis stop to moving also the battrey are full charging can you help me please to solve the problem

To bupropion or bupropion not? I have been on bupropion sr 150 mg for three weeks now. I was having?

Posted 26 Jul 2013 by CDSherwood81 2 answers

... terrible mood swings before, and now I think they're worse. I haven't been crying as much, but I've been much angrier, agitated, and anxious. I am wide awake during the day but I can't direct my energy anywhere. I still don't feel like leaving the house, and I've ...

What would I do if I inject Im ampiccilin and got hit the vein?

Posted 8 Aug 2013 by chloe sebare 2 answers

i inject ampiccilin to a newborn baby ,i aspirated it and noted no blood.but when i release the neddle,the blood comes so nervous,its because mybe i haven't saw the blood when i aspirated it..what will happen to the baby?would it be a serious matter?is it too dangerous?

Primaxin IM - Is the IM dosage form of Primaxin available for purchase? I was told by my pharmacy?

Posted 2 Jan 2012 by thayerhs 1 answer

... (Safeway) that only the IV dosage form is available. I have a 41 y/o kidney transplant and have a UTI that is only sensitive to Primaxin, Vanco and Aminoglycosides. As a retired RN I can give myself injections but IV therapy may not be practical for self administration

I was on Zoloft 50mg for about a year and my dr lowered my dosage to 25mg. For a while now?

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by deanne626 4 answers

... though I feel completely indifferent. I don't feel depressed, but I have no desire to do anything... at all. It takes everything I have to get dressed, do household chores. I can not motivate myself to do anything! I can take it or leave it when it comes to something even if it is ...

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