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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Questions

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How can I obtain GLENMARK's Desloratadine 5mg tabs - they are not available from my local phamacies?

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by Julia G 0 answers

I suffered an penicillin anaphalaxis in 1988 and have been left with a multiple allergy condition - mostly a whole spectrum of moulds but also certain "additives" which cause unpleasant side effects including sweeteners and colourings. I have used Piriton daily for a number of years but ...

When my older sister was 10/11 she was on dilantin until she started trying to convince us?

Posted 15 Nov 2015 by InChristiam 1 answer

When my older sister was 10/11 she was on dilantin until she started trying to convince us that was seeing and talking to dead people. Then our Mom slowly took her off of it. Ever since then she has been ridiculing and degrading both our Mom and I. Is there any studies on long term damage from ...

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - Has anyone had or know someone who has had a reaction to the use of?

Posted 30 Jan 2010 by mbabb 2 answers

... Minoxidil (Rogaine)? I have and am desperate for information

Alopecia - My daughter, one of my five kids. Has this disorder but I was told she has the?

Posted 26 Dec 2009 by Femaleprofessional 1 answer

... trisotricolmania forgive the mispelling. And that it is stress induced. What we've noticed is she's super sensitive she will not stay alone with her dad because he's very strict he's military so everything must be spotless strange as this sounds she's exactly the same ...

I use Polyethylene Glycol 2250 nightly?

Posted 21 Dec 2009 by sgtpeppler 1 answer

I plan on taking a trip and don't want to carry a large bottle of Polyethylene Glycol with me. Would it be safe to put my daily doseage in 5 or 6 .5 liter bottles of water and they would be ready each night as needed? Thanks

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - I recently put in cellulose insulation, it is not an option to have?

Posted 18 Oct 2009 by mslovesun 1 answer

... it removed, which would have been my first choise. I have terrible headaches, vision probs, and even opening windows does not help much anymore. can this product actually outgas through walls?? all I can find is that it comes through duct/cracks etc. help please, mary

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