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Motion Sickness Questions

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Does it help to take Bonine the day before traveling on a boat?

Posted 10 Feb 2017 by Eduardo24 1 answer

I don't typically get seasick, but seas may be rough tomorrow.

When do I stop taking Meclizine for Vertigo?

Posted 16 Jul 2016 by larrybatey 0 answers

I can't find Cyclizine (marezine) to buy. I need it to travel in cars, boats, planes, etc. Anyone?

Posted 24 Mar 2013 by debracompson 3 answers

... know who's selling it and how to buy it?

My sons meds confusing can u help?

Posted 27 May 2016 by vtoz7053 2 answers

I have been a boater for years and everyone on boats can tell you if you feel sea sick to take Dramamine© now i have a 1&1/2 year old who has flu like symptoms and took him to the doctor and the doctor gave him Benophen Allergy. It contains Diphenhydramine the only ingredient. Now i know ...

Nausea/Vomiting - I am so sick every morning with horrible nausea that sometimes lasts all day,?

Posted 20 Dec 2015 by sandracole 3 answers

... taking zofran, dramamine, promethazine bothers me, I have had egd's and other tests, tried other meds and other drs. I do not vomit just severely nauseaus, had this about 5 years, I dont know what to do, glad to see a support group that I can join, this really depresses me and I feel like ...

Is it safe to take Dramamine after taking levothyroxine?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by luzcarbonell 1 answer

I'm on thyroid medicine, levothyroxine. I have nausea and would like to take Dramamine. Is it safe?

Benacin - was it a motion sickness medication?

Posted 18 Apr 2015 by Bebejbee 1 answer

If I have the correct drug, it was taken off the market years ago and was it ever replaced with a drug as good as or better for motion sickness??

How long does it take effect? Can one take meclizine for a long period of time due to nausea?

Posted 13 Jul 2014 by lindamorris 1 answer

I've had vertigo for three weeks with constant "sea sickness" and balance problems. I aw my physician twice and did some therapy. Therapy didn't seem to change anything (8 sessions). Is this common?

Where can I buy Marazine?

Posted 16 May 2014 by khodair 1 answer

Can I take Famotidine with Dramamine? Is it safe?

Posted 23 Apr 2014 by natalyc 2 answers

I take Dramamine regularly because it helps control my nausea. I also suffer from stomach acids so my doctor told me to try famotidine, i started taking them today but forgot I had taken them and took dramamine too.

Hopeless with motion caused headache and nausea! Have a clue?

Posted 18 Oct 2013 by rhondamae 2 answers

At first my doctor thought I had benign positional vertigo... but I don't really feel "dizzy", more light-headed. And my eyes don't twitch. And the repositioning exercises have not helped. Then I was being treated for migraines, which seemed to make sense... headache, ...

Is it harmful to use dramamine daily?

Posted 14 Sep 2013 by kevintapia 1 answer

Hi, does anyone have any experience with Cyclizine?

Posted 7 Dec 2013 by Delila 4 answers

A friend of mine took too many accidentally, and was having symptoms of hallucinating and hearing things... does anyone know if this is dangerous, and how long the symptoms should last?

Can I take meclizine if I'm allergic to phenergan?

Posted 1 Sep 2013 by way2slickrick 1 answer

I'm allergic to phenergan, I need to take dramamine for a offshore trip. Can I take it?

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