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Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride vs Citrate: What's the difference?

Does anyone feel they have permanent vision loss from 1 time use (7 days) of scopolamine?

I used the transderm-scop patch for a week about a year ago while on a small fishing boat. My vision became quite blurred by the end of the trip... so bad I couldn't read the numbers on my cellphone, etc. Once I took off the patch, my vision improved substantially... but never seemed to return... read more

I can't find Cyclizine (marezine) to buy. I need it to travel in cars, boats, planes, etc. Anyone?

... know who's selling it and how to buy it?

Does anyone think a Daith piercing might help prevent motion sickness?

Severe motion sickness

Can I take Famotidine with Dramamine? Is it safe?

I take Dramamine regularly because it helps control my nausea. I also suffer from stomach acids so my doctor told me to try famotidine, i started taking them today but forgot I had taken them and took dramamine too.

Do motion sickness tablets help with anxiety and nausea?

I was wondering since nausea caused by anxiety is essentially more mental as opposed to being a physical stomach upset, would motion sickness pills help since they work by blocking the brains signals which cause nausea and vomiting?

Can I take Zofran and Dramamine at the same time?

How long does it take effect? Can one take meclizine for a long period of time due to nausea?

I've had vertigo for three weeks with constant "sea sickness" and balance problems. I aw my physician twice and did some therapy. Therapy didn't seem to change anything (8 sessions). Is this common?

Where can I buy pill/liquid scopolamine?

I have been using scopolamine for over 5 years every day. More often than not I have a reaction to the glue used to keep the patch in place. I am told that I can get pills and or liquid, but I've had no luck?

Can I take expired Benadryl?

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