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Mobility Questions

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I am worried I may have DVT. Will consult. Doctor if pain persists for a couple more days?

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by Chemchem17 0 answers

Pain on left side of leg calf (persistent 4/10 pain rating 10 being most painful). No swelling. No redness or any other visual symptoms. No lack of strength or mobility. Symptoms fade while rock climbing/exercising and return when sitting, laying down, or with elevated leg. Pain feels like a ...

Cannabis - Can it help motor neurone disease?

Posted 7 Sep 2017 by Carole Dawson 0 answers

Loss of mobility and speech

What do recommend for diabetic foot pain due to neuropathy?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by Queens202 2 answers

Severe nerve pain in feet. Difficulty walking. Some edema lack of mobility Bruce Pain onset 2 weeks abo although have diabetes 7 years

Is there a PCA dosing "button" available for those with mobility impairment?

Posted 30 Mar 2017 by coryg 0 answers

Hello, I'm a healthcare buyer with a question. Looking for a pca "button" for individuals who have limited use of their hands. Is there such an animal?

I have a lot of pain in joints & muscles. Some days movement is difficult?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by Gracefuldoll 1 answer

I'm 64 yrs old and have always.been active, there were some short periods where I wasn't exercising ad much, but I've always been able to resume my exercise. This is affecting my mobility. My dr says its osteoarthritis, but that was 5 yrs ago. I've never had this much pain. My ...

Can anyone tell me what your life has been like after being fused T10-S1?

Posted 12 Jul 2016 by marnaL 0 answers

My spine is fused T10-L4 (scoliosis - very successful surgery) but now need fusion L4-S1. I lost some mobility after my first surgery, but want to know details about what I will and won't be able to do after this surgery.

Can I get a itchy rash from taking a higher dosage of Gabapentin?

Posted 24 May 2016 by jiminyc 0 answers

I was diagnosed with GBS in the early 90's, which i got all of my mobility back except from the knee on down & wear AFOS on each leg. I started taking 300MG of Gabapentin for RLS, then noticed severe pain in the outer calve. My doctor raised it to 400MG for severe nerve damage. Well a ...

After extensive testing, I was diagnosed w/ peripheral neuropathy. I do have Type 2 Diabetes.?

Posted 17 Oct 2015 by ldstevens47 1 answer

... However, I do not suffer w/ pain; instead I have muscle weakness and balance problems. Most posts I have read describe severe pain, tingling, and numbness. I have none of these. I do have mobility problems and fall easily. Does any one else have these symptoms? It's been three years and ...

Inflammatory Conditions - Intense shoulder pain also feels neck related. Worse when leaning over but

Posted 17 Aug 2014 by Anwyni 1 answer

... NO mobility problems. Pain when making bed t.ex thus bending over leaves me almost nauseous with pain. Taking Ipren pain tablets but relief is short.

I got Fibromyalgia when I was 40 and now I'm 54 and my pain and mobility has gotten worse. I can?

Posted 20 Oct 2013 by oceanluvr 6 answers

... only walk for a few minutes and I start to feel an intense pain in my legs and lower back. When that happens I must sit down until the pain eases then I can walk again for a short time.I also suffer from chronic fatigue.Some days I feel like I can barely take care of myself. Is there anyone out ...

Cerebral Palsy - The ageing process with CP?

Posted 14 Apr 2013 by MikefromsouthNZ 2 answers

I have quad Athetoid CP but more involved in my left side and I'm in my mid 50's.. I was a very active young man but soon after my 35th birthday, pain and lessening mobility started to plague me a lot sooner than I had expected.. I'm now completely reliant on a power-chair for ...

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