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Measles Questions

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Hi iv been taking hydrocortisone oral for 2 years now as I had a renal gland removed am I ok to go?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by Diane1973 0 answers

... near anybody with measles or chickenpox because my wife's daughter has not long had a baby so was just wondering if it would be safe for me to be around her if she got measles or chickenpox

A level health and social project on measles - HELP !?

Posted 26 Jan 2017 by aemorris2010 0 answers

Hello, I'm currently studying my Health and Social care A level and am looking into measles as one of my subtopics. I have a set of questions which I would really appreciate someone taking time to answer for my final work, Thank you very much : 1 . What kind of support given do you find most ...

Measles - in fifth grade I had a rash all over me, but it doesn't seem like chicken pox do to how?

Posted 30 Oct 2015 by boombox69 0 answers

... much was around my face, back and body. The thing is I live in Florida and it lasted for like 2 week, I think? I cant remember specifics. Symptoms are a little blurry like in a dream. I had a cough and runny nose, but I did had that happen to me a lot. Help?

Measles Virus Vaccine/Mumps Virus Vaccine/Rubella Virus Vaccine - I was born in 1953 and never had?

Posted 30 Jan 2015 by sunny0527 1 answer

... measles or mumps in childhood. I cannot remember if I received the vaccine in early adulthood. Is it dangerous to be vaccinated now, even though I may have been vaccinated in my early twenties? Also, I am in remission for breast cancer and currently take Femara Daily. Thanks for the info

How long can we expect the below side effects from the Measles, Munps and Rubella shots?

Posted 28 May 2014 by joymacneish 1 answer

The baby has low grade fever, eats little, drinks little, diarreara (sp) and it has been a week since those shots. Taking Tylenol and Pediacare

Why measles vaccine administing subcutaneously?

Posted 17 Sep 2013 by dr nagamallesh c s 1 answer

what will happens when measles vaccine administered through intradermal or intermuscular?

Facial skin problem?

Posted 24 Sep 2010 by dancer617 1 answer

I get a rash on my face that looks like measles. I have been prescribed Desonide steroid cream by my primary physician. I've finished using all of it now and cannot get in to see the dermatologist until October 11th. If I don't use it for one day it begins to come back. Is there something ...

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