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I have to have surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 I was told to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate to

Posted 2 Jun 2016 by Surgery1 1 answer

... cleanse so I drank the cherry flavor now stool is watery but coming out red, is this normal

Does Magnesium Citrate cause your stool to turn black?

Posted 15 Jun 2016 by Sc2200 1 answer

Yesterday I was extremely constipated. Went to the doctors and my X-rays showed I had a build up of poop. When the magnesium citrate finally kicked in... my poop was liquidy and black and the toilet tissue had a few streaks of blood. Just wondering if this is a normal side effect?

Is it okay to take magnesium citrate if I've been drinking a few beers?

Posted 6 days ago by Sellalot 0 answers

If I've had a few beers and a glass of wine is it okay to take magnesium citrate

How long after drinking magnesium citrate for norm bowel movement?

Posted 11 days ago by Michelle0410 0 answers

Ive been very constipated for about 6weeks. I can't go unless I either take a suppository or enema. Two nights ago I tried magnesium citrate and 8hrs later I started to go. I went 6 times and it was all liquid, no solid bowel movements. How long does it normally take for the body to start ...

Magnesium Citrate - I took this citrate magnesium yesterday how long does it stop or how long it?

Posted 22 Jun 2017 by Daeshalindsey 0 answers

I took citrate magnesium yesterday how long does it take to wear off or stay in your system

Magnesium Citrate - I have been have been backed up does MC cause diarrhea does it means it working?

Posted 29 Jun 2017 by Racegirl5910 1 answer

I have been backed up for 5 days and I have went a little here and there but I still feel like I had to go. So I took MC. Is it normal to give you watery diarrhea. Sorry for the TMI BUT JW. Thanks

Magnesium glycinate : does it really help fatigue and boost energy or does it reduce anxiety?

Posted 16 Jun 2017 by aldrichf709 2 answers

I suffer from constant fatigue and somatic symptoms which my GP assigns to anxiety even though I have no cognitive anxiety. I get symptoms like lightheadness and muscle tension along with severe fatigue. My symptoms improve by about 80% if I take 150mg of magnesium glycinate before bed , I just ...

Magnesium Citrate - How will I know if it worked?

Posted 4 May 2017 by mailman736 1 answer

If I was very backed up, how will I know if everything is gone. I've had diarrhea for half of the morning but all of my bloat isn't gone. I also haven't had any hard stool. Just wondering what to expect

The magnesium citrate is making me vomit. Can I take extra dulcolax instead?

Posted 18 Jun 2017 by lhoskins 0 answers

I was able to drink one 10oz bottle this morning but I am so nauseated this evening, it is making me vomit.

Magnesium Citrate - How long does it usually take after taking 10 ounces of citrate?

Posted 2 Mar 2017 by Joe Seneca 0 answers

I've been constipated for a week and I took bysodyl how long should it take before the citrate work

Amitiza - How long does it take to work?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by lukesmommy1121 0 answers

I have been taking Amitiza for 3 days and still no BM. I ended up having to get some magnesium citrate in order to get things moving, but even a day later, I am constipated again. How long does it take to work?

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