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Does Magnesium Citrate cause your stool to turn black?

Posted 15 Jun 2016 by Sc2200 1 answer

Yesterday I was extremely constipated. Went to the doctors and my X-rays showed I had a build up of poop. When the magnesium citrate finally kicked in... my poop was liquidy and black and the toilet tissue had a few streaks of blood. Just wondering if this is a normal side effect?

Amitiza - How long does it take to work?

Posted 23 Apr 2017 by lukesmommy1121 1 answer

I have been taking Amitiza for 3 days and still no BM. I ended up having to get some magnesium citrate in order to get things moving, but even a day later, I am constipated again. How long does it take to work?

Need help! I took a bottle of magnesium citrate and nothing but burning runs?

Posted 23 Dec 2017 by jtleinauer 2 answers

It's Worked before great this time no go just burning runs but I still cannot pass the really hard stool. It's the next day runs have stopped until I try and go here comes the fire!! But the big one still hasn't passed out should I get a stool soften and put it up there it's ...

Magnesium Citrate - Why didn’t it work?

Posted 10 Feb 2018 by bane1234 2 answers

I have been stopped up for about two weeks now, I drank half a bottle the third night and nothing at all. Then I drank the other half two nights later and still nothing. I just drank a full bottle 3 days ago and still, absolutely nothing... what in the world is wrong with me?! I can pass gas like ...

Can I eat after ingesting magnesium citrate?

Posted 21 Apr 2018 1 answer

Fecal Impaction - Please help!! I am a 21 year old female and I’ve been having very sharp pains?

Posted 20 Mar 2018 by HelpMeGo 1 answer

... for a couple of months now. Two weeks ago I had an impacted stool and tried everything. Laxatives, stool softener, magnesium citrate, miralax, eating greens, etc. I had a colonoscopy last Tuesday so I had to clear my self out. I little by little pulled it out and it took about a week. ...

Effects of magnesium citrate on a 79 yr old man limited in what physical activity he can do?

Posted 5 Apr 2018 by Phil Cronin 1 answer

I have been fasting while constipated for the last 5 days. Tried Senna Plus, but that didn't work. Am fearful about the severe stomach cramping and diarrhea that often results from magnesium citrate and the long period before the magnesium citrate takes to work, and whether of not it works ...

I have to have surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30 I was told to drink a bottle of magnesium citrate to

Posted 2 Jun 2016 by Surgery1 1 answer

... cleanse so I drank the cherry flavor now stool is watery but coming out red, is this normal

I'm currently taking Xarelto. Can I take Calcium Magnesium with Vitamin D?

Posted 30 Mar 2018 by Old Sckool 0 answers

I broke my ankle 7 weeks ago. I developed a blood clot. So, I'm taking Xarelto for that. My ankle has not shown any signs of healing. I'm on NWB on the left foot. Taking the vitamin supplement I was thinking could assist with strengthen the bones. Will this have an adverse affect while ...

Can I take Magnesium Citrate Daily?

Posted 2 Mar 2018 by Marlene Nicholas 0 answers

I can not go to the bathroom, was in the ER 3 times now since last summer. Did have an Colonoscopy, they large intestines ok. Waiting for MRI, to see if any problems anywhere else. Have been on 2 different prescriptions.(Constella C and Resotran). They both stopped working. The GI doctor says up ...

I take high dosage vitamin D weekly is it safe to magnesium?

Posted 23 Mar 2018 by Jody parsley 0 answers

Vitamin D deficiency but noticing alarming rate of muscle cramps is it safe to take magnesium

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