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Lymphocytic Colitis Questions

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How long after stopping entocort will the side effects last/?

Posted 22 Jul 2012 by sandy534 4 answers

I took entocort for two years. terrible side effects. Itching, bruising weight gain,itching arounf mouth. I've been off entocort for two months and NO improvement in the side effects. When can I expect relief?

Recently diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis. Treating with Pepto Bismol. Will this flareup go away?

Posted 30 Aug 2011 by CJSHIPI 2 answers

Recently diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis. Treating with Pepto Bismol. Will this flareup go away and will I be able to eat those foods that are trigger foods for me right now? how long does it take for a flareup to go away. I have had this for going on 3 months. One of my symptoms is that I am ...

Lymphocytic Colitis - Hello everyone, Are any of you on a Gluten Free diet? If so, does it help?

Posted 29 Dec 2011 by Rhyes 5 answers

... with the condition. My Gastro. tells me it's not food related and my Celiac Panel test came back negative, but I've been in a flare up for some time now and I'm confused as to whether I should stop eating Gluten or any other foods. Any advice would sure be appreciated

Lymphocytic Colitis -has anyone any advice on gluten, lactose etc - been told to give up gluten?

Posted 10 Dec 2011 by Rhyes 2 answers

Hello everyone, I've just joined the group. I was diagnosed with LC in August after having horrible symptoms every day for over 4 years. I'm currently on Lialda. At the beginning of October I went into spontaneous remission for about 3 weeks. Everything was absolutely normal, one BM per ...

Lymphocytic Colitis - Diagnosed microscopic (lymphocytic) colitis recently. Trying Lialda for 1?

Posted 4 Sep 2013 by carmack 1 answer

... week; symptoms worse. What now? Waiting to hear from doctor. Had diarrhea since June 27th; colonoscopy gave diagnosis. It had improved to once a day of 3 bm until cleared out. Back to 12-14 times daily. Headaches, nausea, fatigue.

Asacol and lymphocytic colitis - when can I stop taking Asacol?

Posted 6 Apr 2011 by jan70 1 answer

Asacol and lymphocytic colitis - how long do I need to keep taking it. I'm now down to two pills a day. I started taking Asacol for LC August 20, 2009 and it didn't work until November 2, 2009. Happy day! I cut back to four a day this spring of 2010 but it was too early. Went back to six ...

I was just diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis after 6 months of D and a terrible experience with?

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by TerriCoffey 1 answer

... Diverticulitis and then C-Diff. I have gotten my biopsy results back, but have not seen the GI Doc. Any insight, prognosis, or information someone could pass my way would be helpful to my anxiety. I am currently on 9mg of Endocort per day for 30 days

I was just diagnosed today with lymphocytic colitis and I already Celiac disease and I'm also?

Posted 11 Jun 2016 by LindaBGood 1 answer

... lactose intolerant. I'm wondering what I can and cannot eat. Does anyone have Celiac and LC and can make suggestions for a diet? I also have arthritis, adult congenital heart disease and COPD. It seems that my chronic diseases and their medications exacerbate my digestive disorders, i.e. ...

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