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Lymphocytic Colitis Questions

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I was just diagnosed today with lymphocytic colitis and I already Celiac disease and I'm also?

Posted 11 Jun 2016 by LindaBGood 0 answers

... lactose intolerant. I'm wondering what I can and cannot eat. Does anyone have Celiac and LC and can make suggestions for a diet? I also have arthritis, adult congenital heart disease and COPD. It seems that my chronic diseases and their medications exacerbate my digestive disorders, i.e. ...

I have lymphocytic colitis and have had 47 bowl movements today in a fifteen hour time frame. I have

Posted 15 Sep 2015 0 answers

... been dealing with this for 9 years. Help support help

I was just diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis after 6 months of D and a terrible experience with?

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by TerriCoffey 1 answer

... Diverticulitis and then C-Diff. I have gotten my biopsy results back, but have not seen the GI Doc. Any insight, prognosis, or information someone could pass my way would be helpful to my anxiety. I am currently on 9mg of Endocort per day for 30 days

Drug Interactions with Budesonide?

Posted 21 Apr 2015 by ladylothian 1 answer

I was diagnosed with Lymphocytic Colitis approximately three years ago while living in a different city. I was prescribed Budesonide 9mg daily which seemed to clear it up, and I've been off the drug ever since. Three days ago, the gut cramping and watery, yellow diarrhea started up again (I ...

How long after stopping entocort will the side effects last/?

Posted 22 Jul 2012 by sandy534 3 answers

I took entocort for two years. terrible side effects. Itching, bruising weight gain,itching arounf mouth. I've been off entocort for two months and NO improvement in the side effects. When can I expect relief?

Lymphocytic Colitis - Diagnosed microscopic (lymphocytic) colitis recently. Trying Lialda for 1?

Posted 4 Sep 2013 by carmack 1 answer

... week; symptoms worse. What now? Waiting to hear from doctor. Had diarrhea since June 27th; colonoscopy gave diagnosis. It had improved to once a day of 3 bm until cleared out. Back to 12-14 times daily. Headaches, nausea, fatigue.

Recently diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis. Treating with Pepto Bismol. Will this flareup go away?

Posted 30 Aug 2011 by CJSHIPI 2 answers

Recently diagnosed with Lymphocytic colitis. Treating with Pepto Bismol. Will this flareup go away and will I be able to eat those foods that are trigger foods for me right now? how long does it take for a flareup to go away. I have had this for going on 3 months. One of my symptoms is that I am ...

Lymphocytic Colitis - Hello everyone, Are any of you on a Gluten Free diet? If so, does it help?

Posted 29 Dec 2011 by Rhyes 5 answers

... with the condition. My Gastro. tells me it's not food related and my Celiac Panel test came back negative, but I've been in a flare up for some time now and I'm confused as to whether I should stop eating Gluten or any other foods. Any advice would sure be appreciated

Lymphocytic Colitis -has anyone any advice on gluten, lactose etc - been told to give up gluten?

Posted 10 Dec 2011 by Rhyes 2 answers

Hello everyone, I've just joined the group. I was diagnosed with LC in August after having horrible symptoms every day for over 4 years. I'm currently on Lialda. At the beginning of October I went into spontaneous remission for about 3 weeks. Everything was absolutely normal, one BM per ...

Asacol and lymphocytic colitis - when can I stop taking Asacol?

Posted 6 Apr 2011 by jan70 1 answer

Asacol and lymphocytic colitis - how long do I need to keep taking it. I'm now down to two pills a day. I started taking Asacol for LC August 20, 2009 and it didn't work until November 2, 2009. Happy day! I cut back to four a day this spring of 2010 but it was too early. Went back to six ...

Has anyone with collagenous colitis, lymphocytic colitis had susccess with Lotronex?

Posted 5 Feb 2011 by aa3890 2 answers

or pseudomembranous colitis?

I've never been a part of a support group for Lymphocytic Colitis. But I'd be appreciate some input?

Posted 20 May 2010 by Scott123 3 answers

... My LC has been gradually worsening over the past 10-15 years, in that my list of problem foods has increased over time making getting good nutrition a challenge. Is this anyone else's experience... Scott

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