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If I have aches and pains from taking several different statins will all statins affect me?

Posted 2 Jul 2013 by dredscott 5 answers

I have now taken 4 different statins, simvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin and atorvastatin. They all caused me muscle and joint soreness, my hands ache so bad and I seem to have lost some strength in them. When I stopped the statins there was great improvement! Will all statins do this for me or ...

I was just taken off lovastatin 20 mg by my doctor as my cholesterol panel was good. How long?

Posted 28 Nov 2017 by cb53 0 answers

... before it's all out of my system?

After a month on 20 mg of rovastatin I experienced swollen neck glands and an itchy scalp. Did...

Posted 31 Oct 2017 by Newport310 0 answers

... anyone else have these side effects? Also, if you quit the drug, how long did it take for these symptoms go away? If not, did these symptoms get addressed by your doctor?

Must I stop taking lovastatin slowly?

Posted 16 Sep 2017 by GaryLB 0 answers

My dosage is & has been 40mg/day at bedtime for years, increased < 20mg 8 years ago. My annual levels have been 160-175 the last 2 years, down < 212 the year prior (2014). I've found a 'tonic' of fresh citrus, garlic & raw honey I want to test But, to do so, I want to ...

Lovastatin - how does taking lovastatin lower or remove the cholesterol in my body?

Posted 26 Apr 2017 by RobinLea TP 0 answers

I understand that the medicine lowers cholesterol levels but HOW is it removed from my body?

I have been taking lovastatin for over a year I take 40 milligrams once a day I wonder if you can s?

Posted 10 Feb 2017 by prettywoman1945 1 answer

I I have been taking lovastatin for longer than a year I have begun to have cramps in my legs and muscle aches as though I have the flu should side effects start after you have been taking the medicine for more than one year I take one 40 milligram pill each day?

Drug interaction between lisinopril, metformin and lovastatin?

Posted 3 Nov 2015 by cajunLad 1 answer

I have developed a significant rash after beginning to take metformin, as I had been taking lisinopril and lovastatin for several years, with no side effects. Any research on the possible cause of rash? the lab work indicates there is a drug interaction.

Since starting lovastatin, now I have high blood pressure. Is this a common problem?

Posted 20 Jul 2016 by Lc2016 1 answer

I have mitral prolapse with regurgitation, my beginning cholesterol was 270. Took the 10 mg.for 3 months. But only lowered to 238, but ldl is still 160. They say I'm high risk again.. But since the increase in lovastatin to 20mg, now I'm hypertension phase 1. Yet looking to take another ...

Can I take enalapril, lovastatin, methimazole with lipo flavonoid??

Posted 17 Sep 2016 by ilow411 0 answers

For ringing of ear treatment

Can you get side effects from lovastatin after you have been taking for a long time?

Posted 24 Jun 2016 by catgina688 0 answers

pain and stiffness behind my knees, hips, and back. also getting cramps in legs a lot. new pain in the last 9 days been on lovastatin about 2 yrs 20mg. also insomnia don't know if related or not. it is not joint pain more muscle or tendon.

Is Lovastatin gluten free?

Posted 1 Jun 2016 0 answers

I am a celiac and need to be sure that there is no more gluten in each tablet than are allowed for "gluten free" items in the U.S.

Can lovastatin cause me to urinate more frequently?

Posted 8 May 2016 by myra baum 0 answers

I take Lovastatin at night and have to wake up to urinate very frequently.

May Lisinopril 10mg be substituted for Metropolol tartrate 25mg?

Posted 27 Aug 2014 by tallyman63 2 answers

also, may Lovastatin 20mg be substituted for atorvastatin 20mg for cholesterol lowering help?

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