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Femara - Is letrozole a chemo pill?

Posted 31 Dec 2017 by Alice 1954 2 answers

Is letrozole a chemo pill?

How long, after taking a tablet (letrozole) will it take for side effects to occur?

Posted 20 Oct 2014 by ctsgtb 1 answer

some of the side effects mentioned are inability to focus, blurred vision, brain fog... I work 10 hours a day so I need to know. Also, if it does not happen on day 1 of taking the medication, may it happen on day 2 or 3 or further down the road? The other possible side effects such as bone density ...

Letrozole - is there anything I can take to ease the pains in my joints while taking letrazole ?

Posted 11 May 2012 1 answer

... Mainly hands , hips, knees and feet pain ! Side effects of letrazole , is there anything i can do to help myself ?

Femara - Since starting Letrozole 3 years ago my blood sugar levels have been elevated. Are they?

Posted 7 Aug 2014 by paddleball 1 answer

... related? I am now consider pre diabetic, could the cancer meds be the cause? I am 5'7", 140 lbs and watch my carbs and sugar intake, lost 15 pounds and nothing really changed. No diabetes history!

Letrozole - anyone had vision side effects due to femara ?

Posted 28 Oct 2012 by AURO 2 answers

Started taking FEMARA this July after mastectomy Did not had eyes exam previously. Had tests for liver function -kidney - bone density .

Can I stop letrozole without withdrawal symptoms?

Posted 2 May 2012 by leathers1948 1 answer

I am 64y and have been taking letrozole for 4.5 yrs. Suddenly, we have no insurance and very little income. I need to stop but would like to know what to expect. Anyone had this experience?

Please suggest some medicine to treat cough(side effect of letrozole)?

Posted 18 Sep 2012 by jnidhi01 2 answers

Mymother takes letrozole for her breast cancer treatment. Side effect due to it is cough which is increasing with every passing day. Can u please suggest some medicine to reduce cough.

What beverages/foods can I can I have with meds listed below. Thanks?

Posted 18 Sep 2017 by annette01irvinjones 2 answers

dexamethasone, amolodipine,hydrochlorozhiazide, letrozole and clopidogrel.

Could Letrozole or Femara cause fingernails to lift away from nail bed ?

Posted 26 Oct 2012 by joanpski39 1 answer

Since I have started on the letrozole regimen I have had great difficulty with fingernails lifting away from nail bed. Three other women I know that take estrogen blocker meds from post breast cancer have the same problem.

Letrozole - What is the best medicine for constipation ?

Posted 20 Feb 2013 by vickytess 1 answer

I have had difficulties of my bowel movement .

Is it safe not to take letrozole following Stage1 grade 2 Breast Cancer?

Posted 23 Aug 2013 by GrandyB 1 answer

Had internal rads no chemo and no lymph node involvement. The side affects terrify me (joint pain, hair loss, brain fog on and on). I have osteoarthritis and the thoughts of more pain scares me to the point of great anxiety.

Letrozole - I have stage 2 breast cancer with HER2 Positive receptors and I started taking the?

Posted 30 Oct 2016 by RKEL7676 2 answers

... medication since February 1 2016 I was 187 now I am 214 lbs how can I lose the weight this is so frustrating I have changed my eating habits but the weight will not come off , I am so depressed with the hot flashes all the time, tiredness no matter how much rest I get , the joint pain, now I ...

I purchased my first Rx of Femara (Letrozole)yesterday. My co-pay was $441.00 out of $497.00 for a?

Posted 4 Jun 2010 by outdoorgrl 1 answer

... 30 day supply. I must take this drug every month for 5 years. How long before a generic version comes out?

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