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What home remedies work well for toenail fungus?

How do I get rid of nail fungus?

How How Long Before You Can Start Seeing An Improvement on Your Toe Nails When Using Lamisil?

I just started the treatment and I'd like to know how long to expect to wait before I start seeing improvement on my toe nails. I will be taking Lamisil pill for 3 months

Lamisil pills causing joint pain, disturbing dreams, insomnia and continued dizziness after 6 days??

I have been off lamisil after taking 6 250 mg pills, one a day for 6 days. I started to notice myself feeling exhausted and dizzy after a few days and for some reason I carried on taking it. Then I noticed some joint pain on the 6th day, so I stopped taking it. The joint pain and dizziness... read more

What happens if u use lamisil at on toenails?

What medicine do you take to counteract nausea caused by Lamisil?

I'm taking oral Lamisil for a fungal infection. it causes a lot of nausea and upset stomach... But I have to take it... what drug can be given to counteract the nausea caused by this medication?

Terbinafine - Can I crush Lamisil pills??

I have a pill phobia and can't swallow them. Is Lamisil safe to crush & eat with pudding??

How long after taking Lamisil is it safe to drink alcohol?

I have been taking Lamisil for 6 weeks now and my treatment is done. In these 6 weeks I have not had any alcohol based off doctor and pharmacist recommendations. I will be in Las Vegas next week and was wondering if it would be ok to consume alcohol, one week after finishing my treatment?

How long until sense of taste comes back after Lamisil (terbinafine)? Please help.

My girlfriend’s doc prescribed her Lamisil (terbinafine) tablets and after about 2 months of taking it she lost her sense of taste. She is still producing saliva but cannot taste anything at all. I saw that this is a side effect of the medication and am scared that it is permanent. Her doc... read more

Can Lamasil increase blood sugar level?

I am prediabetic, but I have lost weight recently and been more active. My blood sugar this morning was 186. It's never been that high and I didn't eat differently yesterday.

Why can't Lamisil AT Cream be used on nails or scalp?

Whatever happened to the topical solution?

How soon after taking Lamisil pills is it safe to get pregnant?

I have been prescribed 3 months of pills and am thinking of trying to get pregnant after I finish my prescription. Is this safe, or do I need to wait a certain amount of time until the medication "clears my system"?

I have been taking lamisal for almost 3 months and have hair loss, will my hair grow back?

my hair grow back when medication is stopped? Will a second 3month dose increase likelihood of hair loss becoming permenant?

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