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Keytruda - How can I afford this drug?

Posted 19 Jul 2017 by Taylorsonl 1 answer

... ... been told that it would cost her $8000 a treatment!! Seriously??? Have any of you experienced this and if so, how are you coping financially?been told that it would cost her $8000 a treatment!! Seriously???

Anyone taking Keytruda for stage 4 adrenal cancer?

Posted 8 Jul 2017 by dmahoney 1 answer

How long have you been on Keytruda and did you have any success?

Can you take methotrexate when on Keytruda?

Posted 26 May 2017 by faith2u 0 answers

it's an immunosuppressant and my doctor said it's okay - some internet sites not to. Is any one taking methotrexate with Keytruda? Thank you for answering.

Keytruda. Has anyone had success with finding relief for the intense itching and burning ( shingle?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by doctor daughter 2 answers

... like symptoms)? Gabapentin not helping at all

Is anyone out there with a diagnosis of Mesothelioma that is getting treated with Keytruda?

Posted 1 May 2017 by Renate Wilms 0 answers

I have gone though more than a year of chemo therapy with little success and the oncologist is now trying immunotherapy. I understand there is a 2nd phase trial with Keytruda specifically addressing Mesothelioma going on in Chicago.

Does Keytruda have a "watery eyes" side effect?

Posted 12 Apr 2017 by royd 1 answer

Does anyone have melanoma, stage 4 with chronic pain?

Posted 26 Mar 2017 by tarabookkeeper 2 answers

I am currently doing infusions of Keytruda, every 3 weeks for a year now. I had to stop for a month because I kept getting dehydrated and ending up in the hospital. I take gabapentin 1200 mg twice a day, oxycodone ER 80 mg twice a day, oxycodone 30 mg every 4 hours as needed, Celexa 60 mg, ...

Keytruda - Has anyone found anything that actually helps w/the incessant itching?

Posted 2 Apr 2017 by Terry MelMoh 0 answers

... insatiable ITCHING from Keytruda treatment of Mesothelioma?

Can I take Aleve while on Keytruda?

Posted 22 Feb 2017 by gbuckner 1 answer

Keytruda - What are the risks involved for a caregiver in coming in contact with the bodily?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Diedricksen 1 answer

... fluids of a patient within 48 hours of treatment?

Where can I buy keytruda 100 mg. What is the price?

Posted 6 Nov 2014 2 answers

Pembrolizumab - I am on my 5 th round of Keytruda. Have had nothing but improvement of my symptoms.?

Posted 30 Aug 2016 by Dino57 1 answer

... Now I feel this pressure in my chest. I can't bend or squat as the pressure is very uncomfortable. The headaches over the past 3 days is tough. The back of my neck & middle back hurts. My breath is short on exertion only

Keytruda/pembrolizumab - does anyone know how I can access this? Possibly in Germany?

Posted 10 Jul 2016 by Tridgebird 0 answers

Seeking this drug for triple negative breast cancer - have read on here that someone accessed it in Germany along with hyperthermia - but which clinic?

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