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Kaopectate Questions

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Pepto-Bismol - Still Black stool after kaopectate 4 days ago. Any cause of concern?

Posted 25 Oct 2011 by ausmac10301 2 answers

How long can Kaopectate cause black stool that sometimes "oozes" into underwear? Any cause for concern? Should I see doctor or is it just the kao?

Anti-Diarrheal - What would be the dosage of kaopectate for 80lb dog?

Posted 24 Mar 2015 by doglover155 1 answer

80 lb german shepard

How long can I continue to take kaopectate?

Posted 24 Apr 2014 by mkl40 1 answer

Will Metamucil help diarreha

Can Kaopectate be used to induce vomiting in children?

Posted 13 Jan 2014 by curiousE 2 answers

A friend of mine is adamant that Kaopectate can safely and effectively be given to children to induce vomiting. I can not find any information on the internet that supports this claim. It is my understanding that Kaopectate is used as an anti-diarrhea treatment, and as a method for calming the GI ...

Se vence la suspencion Kaopectate?

Posted 6 Apr 2013 by Marta Lucia 1 answer

Childrens Kaopectate - Is it ok to give a three week old infant adult kaopectate in a tiny dose?

Posted 7 Nov 2011 by Suezqnz 1 answer

I am the nanny during the week and came in to work Monday morning and learned that the three week old infant was being given a tiny dose of one quarter teaspoon of adult kaopectate. I don't know how often or how many times as the weekend nanny doesn't speak English. I am concerned.

Do you need prescription for kaopectate ?

Posted 28 Apr 2011 by musulumi 1 answer

Got diarea from stay in hospital. will kaopectate help?

Posted 6 Aug 2010 by ikkie 1 answer

a patient in the same room had it, i assumed that picked it up there. my stay was unrelated.

How much aspirin does Kaopectate contain?

Posted 17 Aug 2009 by noahsark 1 answer

Our dental office prescribes a Kaopectate/Benadryl mixture for the relief of mouth ulcers.

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