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Irregular Period Questions


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I have taken ipill within 40hours. can I prevent getting pregnant?

Posted 5 Feb 2014 by prerna7 2 answers

i had sex on 3th february 2014 around 12pm..i have taken ipill on 5th february 2014 at 8:00 AM. can i prevent getting pregnant. my last period was on 18th january 2014. i have irregular periods and i am at age of 19. what should i do?

Starting my period before my birth control pack is over?

Posted 13 Oct 2014 by bellabeller12 1 answer

My pack is over at the end of this week and i have been experiencing spotting for about 2/3 days now and I have quite heavy spotting today ( I think my period may be starting) Im on ortho tricyclin lo, its the 21 day pack where i take no pills for seven days after the pack is over. This is my ...

I am 20 years old and don't have a regular menstrual cycle. Is time to see a doctor?

Posted 12 Aug 2014 by PeriodPain 3 answers

Hi all, I am 20 years old and started my period at age 12. However, I am still not "regular." What I mean is, the time between my periods is absolutely unpredictable. I've always tracked my periods, so to give you a glimpse into the "irregularity," here is a list of the ...

Late period on NuvaRing?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by melrose3 1 answer

Okay so I've been using NuvaRing for a little over four months now. Previously I was on the pill for years. While on the pill I frequently had irregular periods. The first month on NuvaRing my period was one day late from when I took the ring out. The second and third month my period started ...

Any reviews on Implanon/Nexplanon from women with PCOS?

Posted 6 Jul 2014 by Jessica_Marie 1 answer

Hello! I'm 20 years old, and I've always had irregular periods. I'm really thinking about getting the arm implant, because I like that you can have it in for up to three years, it's easily reversible, and it's constant, because I don't have a set daily schedule and I ...

Irregular period trying to have a baby?

Posted 30 Aug 2017 by Tete90 1 answer

I had have irregular periods for three months now I just got off the depot shot in December last year me and my husband be trying to having a baby what's going on now I have irregular periods

Why did I develop chunky blood discharge after using metronidazole topical gel?

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by Itsveevian 1 answer

My 3rd of using the gel, I developed chunky blood discharge.. like clumpy discharge. I haven't been on my period for awhile bc of my irregular periods, which is normal. I did however drink between using the topical gel. My irritation on my vaginal lips have gone away. But now I am developing ...

I haven't had my period in almost 7 months? (I'm a virgin)?

Posted 9 Jun 2014 by musiclover236 1 answer

I'm 15 and a virgin but I haven't had my period in 7 months. This has happened before but longer (maybe like 9-ish months the first time then it was every month-till now). Some of my family/friends say that its because I'm still growing. I got my first period when 13 and a half (in ...

Hi, I had my Implanon when I was a freshman in college 2012. Had it removed 4 years later Feb 2016.

Posted 17 Jul 2017 by ladyiakwe 0 answers

It took me 3 months to have my period after removal. since then me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant. its been a year now since the removal but nothing. irregular periods, heavy flow, but nothing since. Is it infertility signs or is my body just late? Thanks.

Whats going on with my periods??

Posted 28 Jun 2017 by questiongirl5678 0 answers

So, last month (May) I was a week late for my period. This month (June) I was a week early? This month I came on my period on the 8th and didn't come off my period fully until the 20th! Which is nearly 2 weeks of being on? I am normally only on for a week. So I thought that all this was ...

Prescribe BC pills for trying to conceive ?

Posted 12 May 2017 by Alwaysxx3 0 answers

I have a heart-shaped Uterus , irregular periods and irregular ovulation. My OBGYN prescribed me Mononessa and prenatal pills for 3 months for trying to conceive ? Any advice ..

Nexplanon irregular period or ask doc?

Posted 2 May 2017 by Abbadabs 0 answers

I had a baby and got the nexolanon pit in four weeks after after I stopped bleeding from giving birth I had a period for two weeks it stopped for a week and now I'm bleeding again is that normal?

If I have an irregular period on BC can I still get pregnant?

Posted 19 Apr 2017 by Harlei091 0 answers

So on birth control non stop. No placebo week or anything. But my periods are irregular. I've been on the pill over half a year now. Can I still get pregnant even though I take them everyday? Thanks!

NuvaRing - Birth control side effect and risk?

Posted 4 Apr 2017 by dolce1227 0 answers

My doctor wants me on birth control due to irregular periods. After terrible reactions to several pills my gyno said the nuvaring was the way to go. Im such a worrisome person when it comes to taking medications, I had watched the news videos on the increased risk of blood clotting with the ...

Is this a miscarriage?

Posted 19 Mar 2017 by Beegoodowl 0 answers

To start off I have the three year IUD, I have never given birth, 22 years old and married. I've always had issues with my uterus having PCOS, irregular periods and pain. But last night I had very painful cramps so I jumped in the shower to relieve it and I started bleeding. (Not sure of my ...

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