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Irregular Period Questions


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I am 20 years old and don't have a regular menstrual cycle. Is time to see a doctor?

Posted 12 Aug 2014 by PeriodPain 3 answers

Hi all, I am 20 years old and started my period at age 12. However, I am still not "regular." What I mean is, the time between my periods is absolutely unpredictable. I've always tracked my periods, so to give you a glimpse into the "irregularity," here is a list of the ...

Late period on NuvaRing?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by melrose3 1 answer

Okay so I've been using NuvaRing for a little over four months now. Previously I was on the pill for years. While on the pill I frequently had irregular periods. The first month on NuvaRing my period was one day late from when I took the ring out. The second and third month my period started ...

Starting my period before my birth control pack is over?

Posted 13 Oct 2014 by bellabeller12 1 answer

My pack is over at the end of this week and i have been experiencing spotting for about 2/3 days now and I have quite heavy spotting today ( I think my period may be starting) Im on ortho tricyclin lo, its the 21 day pack where i take no pills for seven days after the pack is over. This is my ...

I have taken ipill within 40hours. can I prevent getting pregnant?

Posted 5 Feb 2014 by prerna7 2 answers

i had sex on 3th february 2014 around 12pm..i have taken ipill on 5th february 2014 at 8:00 AM. can i prevent getting pregnant. my last period was on 18th january 2014. i have irregular periods and i am at age of 19. what should i do?

Why did I develop chunky blood discharge after using metronidazole topical gel?

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by Itsveevian 2 answers

My 3rd of using the gel, I developed chunky blood discharge.. like clumpy discharge. I haven't been on my period for awhile bc of my irregular periods, which is normal. I did however drink between using the topical gel. My irritation on my vaginal lips have gone away. But now I am developing ...

Any reviews on Implanon/Nexplanon from women with PCOS?

Posted 6 Jul 2014 by Jessica_Marie 1 answer

Hello! I'm 20 years old, and I've always had irregular periods. I'm really thinking about getting the arm implant, because I like that you can have it in for up to three years, it's easily reversible, and it's constant, because I don't have a set daily schedule and I ...

I haven't had my period in almost 7 months? (I'm a virgin)?

Posted 9 Jun 2014 by musiclover236 1 answer

I'm 15 and a virgin but I haven't had my period in 7 months. This has happened before but longer (maybe like 9-ish months the first time then it was every month-till now). Some of my family/friends say that its because I'm still growing. I got my first period when 13 and a half (in ...

Plan B - scared of not getting my period!?

Posted 8 days ago by Honey54 1 answer

So I’m curently really scared and freaking out I had sex August 31st but the condom broke and I guess he finished all in me because we noticed once we were done, I took plan b 30 /45 minutes after but the thing is that my period tracker calendar says I was fertile but not on my ovulation day ...

What if I was on my period when I got the depo provera shot?

Posted 21 Dec 2013 by serendipity78 2 answers

i had just started the first day of my period when i got the depo shot. (im not on it for birth control as my tubes are tied,clipped and burned but for the very heavy, painful & irregular periods i suffered monthly since i was 11 when i started.) but i have been bleeding for 11 days instead of ...

Plan B One-Step - Am I pregnant? I have irregular periods?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by Username2212 1 answer

I had sex about one week ago and the guy came in me just a little bit, but of course I freaked out and got the pill. I took it about the hours later and had very mild nausea. This is my first time taking the pill (I don't have sex very often so I don't take any birth control either). ...

Ive had mirena about four years and still getting irregular periods, is this normal?

Posted 8 Dec 2014 by Arae1125 1 answer

Ive had mirena about 4 years now, Im 23 and Its been about four years since I had my son and got mirena, I still get periods and there always irregular. Is this normal?

Plan B morning after pill irregular periods??

Posted 28 Jan 2016 by Mackenzie424 1 answer

I took the morning after pill 16th of December about 2 hours after the condom breaking and I got what I think was my period the 18th I know the pill can cause bleeding and that bleeding lasted for about 3-4 days and looked just like my regular period but now it's the 28th of January and I ...

Will minastrin make me gain weight even though this is my first birth control pill?

Posted 9 Apr 2014 by Chelseajade198 4 answers

I'm 16 years old and my gynecologist suggested I start minastrin because of my serious irregular periods. They haven't been normal since day one but I'm afraid of gaining weight I recent gained 5 extra pounds (before I started the birth control) and don't want to gain anymore ...

Not getting a period during placebo pill, but getting it later on during active pills?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by batgirl79932 1 answer

My doctor does not even really have a good answer for it, she just keeps trying to change the brand. I'm currently taking Logestrin Fe the first month i used it I had my period during the placebo pill, however after the first month I have never gotten my period during the placebo, but it will ...

What is the effectiveness of plan b emergency contraception?

Posted 19 Jun 2016 by asali213 1 answer

I have an irregular period. On June 10th, my boyfriend and I had sex. We used a condom and I took the pill 10 hours after we had sex to minimize any possibility of a pregnancy. Today, there are 31 days after my last period. Am I or am I not pregnant!?

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