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Invokana - How long does it take for blood sugar levels to reach normal...120 or below?

Posted 13 days ago by bethbass 0 answers

Started Invokana 50, about 2 weeks ago, 5 days ago, went up to 100 (2 times,daily). Blood sugars,went over 200 but are down to 170 now. How long does it take for the blood sugars to get within normal range? Felt HORRIBLE yesterday, no energy. Have lost 8 lbs in 9 days... hope that continues. I ...

Invokana - Can this drug be taken at night ?

Posted 15 days ago by Teresa72 0 answers

Diabetes, Type 2 - Has anyone tried Invokana? My endo wanted me to try it, but within 3 days, it?

Posted 22 Jan 2017 by ade1971 1 answer

... made my bladder feel incredibly uncomfortable-not quite painful but sort of enlarged and overworked. I know it gets rid of 'sugars' by making you pee (sorry for the details!) but I feel like 10-12 times a day is more than normal. So I wanted to know if anyone else had felt something ...

How long does Invokana stay in your system after stop taking it?

Posted 1 Oct 2016 by Clarmap12 0 answers

I'm Type 2 Diabetic and I developed a allergic reaction while taking Invokana 100 mg . Rash/hives on both fore arms and hands, periodically on upper arm and leg. Feels almost like a mosquito bite. stopped taking it 2 days ago and will monitor and see if rash goes away. Invokana was the only ...

Is there a generic version for Invokana?

Posted 31 Aug 2016 by enegola 1 answer

My A1C has doubled and tripled since being on Invokana... has anyone else had this problem?

Posted 5 Sep 2016 by DottiD 0 answers

Actually, my blood sugar numbers increased by over 100-200 points. My A1C went from 5.5 to 7.1 in three months. Has anyone else had this problem? I used Actos for many years, but was retaining water and legs swelling from it the last few years... that is why my Dr. is trying Invokana. I also take ...

Invokana - my blood sugar levels are 4-6 per day. I am on low carb diet and 1.8 victoza. Why would I

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by gailf46 1 answer

... take invocana? Afraid of going low BS

I have been on Invokana for 3 months?

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by Lgfox 1 answer

I urinate frequently but for the past week or so I need to strain to pee. Why? Is this a side effect of Invokana?

Taking Invokana has helped my blood sugar quite a bit. But it also makes me really tired?

Posted 26 Jun 2016 by Tricia1952 1 answer

I have been on Invokana for 9 months. My sugars are regulated butt in the morning after I take that Invokana about 1 hour later I'm fast asleep I feel really tired real weak and I don't understand why the medication works great but it makes me feel like confused and it makes me feel tired ...

Can invokana be crushed?

Posted 12 Jun 2016 by Nancy H 0 answers

That is, can it be crushed before injesting? I am unable to swallow whole pills

How long does it take to see results with invokana on lowering your sugar reading?

Posted 29 Aug 2014 by lata 1 2 answers

I have been taking invokana 100 mg, along with januvia100 mg, once a day and metformin 1000 mg twice a day. i just started invokana about one week , but my blood sugar fasting is not changed at all. my fasting sugar is 150. and no weight loss, . i am more concerned that blood sugar is not changed ...

Invokana - Sex Drive increase/decrease?

Posted 31 Dec 2015 by RDLMJ 2 answers

My a1c went from 7.4 to 9 despite being on Victoza 1.8 and metformin 2,000 mg per day. My dr put me on invokana 100 mg per day. All seems ok but my sex drive has decreased. I'm married to my husband 18 years but lately I'm just 'not in the mood' I'm glad the medicine is ...

Invokana - Has anyone experienced hair thinning?

Posted 3 May 2016 by volyn3 0 answers

I have been on this med for a year. I now have chronic constipation, hair loss, blurred vision. I now occasionally have a brown discharge but a yellowish discharge is constant. Me, female, 53.

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